Management and Executive Board

The Executive Board is the backbone of Dance Marathon at FSU. Comprised of 16 Chair Positions and 5 Management Positions, these leaders dedicate themselves every day to create ways to make miracles For The Kids. Each Executive Member leads their Captain Team and 2-5 CORE Members to set and achieve goals.

Meet the Team


The Dance Marathon at FSU CORE Team is an integral part of our organization. CORE is comprised of 60 specific positions that directly support the Executive Board in achieving year-long initiatives.


The Dance Marathon at FSU Captain Program is composed of over 200 leaders dedicated to all things For The Kids. Serving as a Captain is a year-long commitment, where each individual is dedicated to advocating for DM at FSU, as well as completing responsibilities of their respective positions. Captain applications for DM 2018 are available until September 15th at 5:00pm.

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Our Captain Teams include:

  • Family Relations Captains
  • Operations Captains
  • Morale Captains
  • Marathon Events Captains
  • Hospitality Captains
  • External Events Captains
  • Technology Captains
  • Recruitment Captains
  • Outreach Captains
  • Partnership Captains
  • Marketing and Publicity Captains
  • Merchandise Captains
  • Membership Captains
  • Fundraising Captains
  • High School Programs Captains


Family Relations

Family Relations Captains will be working directly with the Miracle Families and our Family Relations Team. Family Relations Captains have all of the following responsibilities, but are not limited to: helping plan and execute family events throughout the year, attending family and Dance Marathon events all year long, working hand in hand with Delegates on mini marathons and fostering family relationships with those teams, arranging and engaging the family room for the course of the Marathon, and creating a relationship with the families. Family Relations is looking for positive, hard-working Captains who love children and who will dedicate the necessary amount of time and attention to our families and this team.


Operations is looking for hard-working individuals that are able to meet deadlines under time constraints. They must have good communication skills with team members as well as local businesses. They will be working with businesses to sign contracts throughout the year, as well as manage security and risk at external events and the main marathon. Operations captains must be creative thinkers that are able to find ways of making special projects efficient. Of course, they need to be dedicated to our cause as well as remaining positive and calm in stressful situations.

Marathon Events

Marathon Events captains will assist the Marathon Events team in enhancing the Dance Marathon experience. They will help brainstorm, plan and facilitate fun activities, and entertainment that will happen throughout the entire marathon. Marathon Events captains are ideally students with great imaginations, and who can work well in an environment that may at times be a little stressful. This captain position is ideal for students looking to pursue a career in event planning, or just students who are quick on their feet and love working in a fast paced environment!


Hospitality Captains assist in creating a healthy meal plan for all participants at the event by partnering with delicious local restaurants and restaurant corporations. Captain positions will be divided up into four different roles once positions are received. Roles include: Hospitality Corporate Contact captains, Event Planning captains, Local Business captains and Partnership Relations captain.


External Events

As an External Events captain, you will be assisting the Chair and Coordinators in planning and facilitating a variety of events throughout the year. Our team’s main focus in the fall semester is Miracle Week and for the spring semester is Rally Week. Additionally, our team is in charge of planning smaller scaled events during each semester, such as FTKolor. We are looking for FTK team members who are dedicated and responsible individuals. Through this role, you will gain event planning experience while immersing yourself in the DM community.


The Technology Team is an important aspect of #TheMovement. We are the ones that capture the essence of Dance Marathon and raise awareness of our cause through photos, video, and the web. You must be able to work with others and be a part of a collaborative effort as well as continuously brainstorming new ideas and executing them. The three focuses of our captains are production, photography, and information technology.

Production: Our production captains are in charge of recording DM events throughout the year. They will also edit videos that will be posted on YouTube and DM at FSU’s other social media accounts. It is necessary to have access to a camera.

Photography: The role of the photography captains is to capture pictures of DM events. A creative eye and access to a camera is necessary. Photo editing is encouraged, but not required.

IT: The IT captains are in charge of updating and continuously developing the DM website, It is necessary to have experience with web design.

If you enjoy capturing moments through photography and videography or have experience with web design, then the Tech Team is for you!

Marketing and Publicity

Merchandise: We are looking for applicants who are familiar with the retail world and would like to bring new, creative ideas to boost our merchandise and brand. As a marketing captain, you will work with our Square account, a new online store catalog, help with the selling and distribution of products, as well as have the opportunity to represent Dance Marathon at Market Wednesday events and promote our brand.

Social Media: Social Media Captains will help brainstorm new campaigns and ways to increase followers and interaction amongst the Dance Marathon social media accounts. You will help in scheduling posts, writing your own posts for Dance Marathon, and help work towards developing an even stronger social media presence.

PR: A PR captain will help assist in the functioning and running of our Word Press blog as well as our new Tumblr blog. They will be responsible for staying in contact with the technology team in regards to getting photos for blog posts as well as finding new opportunities to get the brand of dance marathon out to the public. Various articles for the city of Tallahassee may come into play as well and staying up to date on the latest news regarding Dance Marathon will be key.

Graphic Design: As a graphic design captain, you will be responsible for creating graphics, artwork, possible merchandise designs, and more. In this position, the captain will really have a creative hand in making dance marathon come alive to the public. Creativity and being ready to think on your toes with new ideas for designs and artwork would be beneficial, as the position is based on the ability to come up with new ideas to make Dance Marathon stand out!


Merchandise Captains will work professionally with our merchandise distributors (i.e. Full Press) as well as create new and exciting designs for the online merchandise store, Square. They will help distribute merchandise to the members of organizations and will work to develop new promotional items for people to purchase. We are looking for individuals with a creative eye, who want to design and distribute new and exciting merchandise for our Tallahassee community



The Fundraising Captain position motivates each captain to look at the bigger picture of fundraising, not just on an individual level but as an organization as a whole. We as a team help to facilitate fundraising through strategically planned campaigns which we create and plan throughout the year. We work to help motivate individual dancers, fundraisers and organizations to fundraise using new and creative ideas, tips and tricks to help them reach their highest potentials in terms of fundraising. This year we’ll be working closely with the Membership team and the High School Marathons team to work and assist their delegates and participants in making this the best year of fundraising yet. Through our creativity we encourage participants to grow and become an even bigger part of our amazing cause!

High School Programs

High School Programs captains will work alongside our CORE members by working directly with one of our high school executive boards to assist in putting on a high school-level Dance Marathon. Captains will help facilitate meetings, brainstorm ideas, and reinforce the support we want to show these high schools they will have from our part as DM at FSU. Some of the requirements for this position include time management skills, patience, and a drive to help bring Dance Marathon into the Tallahassee community by assisting in putting on an entire marathon!


Partnership Captains will act as a business liaison between current partners and dance marathon at Florida state university. Applicants must have strong communication and organization skills. Captains will be required to attend every event hosted by DMFSU. Main responsibilities include updating sponsors about dance marathon community events, and engaging sponsors year round.

Dancer Relations


Membership captains need to have strong interpersonal skills as they will be working with many large organizations and people. They will work alongside the Membership team to help communicate fundraising and Dance Marathon at FSU events to delegates. They will help teams create Mini Marathons in the Fall to fundraise for the marathon, as well as score these events. Additionally, they will create innovative ways to incorporate the FSU College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Programs into other aspects of Dance Marathon. They will collaborate with our beneficiaries, Gadsden County Health Clinics and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to increase awareness of our cause across our community through the FSU College of Medicine. They will also work Guest Services at the event alongside the Membership team. We are looking for individuals from all different backgrounds: past delegates, dancers, and those new to Dance Marathon are all welcome! Must be able to attend team meetings, as well as Dance Marathon at FSU events throughout the Fall and Spring. We are looking for flexible, passionate leaders that are ready to spread the word about Dance Marathon at FSU!


Our team consists of 3 Recruitment coordinators, an Experience coordinator, and Alumni Relations coordinator. In addition to recruiting, you may be asked to help plan retreats with our Experience Chair or assist with recruiting and maintaining relationships with Alumni. We are looking for captains that have a passion for Dance Marathon that you are able to easily communicate to people who have never participated in or heard of Dance Marathon. You will attend meetings with our team twice a month, in addition to tabling at all Dance Marathon tabling fairs, Market Wednesdays and RSO events! The Recruitment team puts on the General Interest Meetings for dancers and volunteers. At the marathon, you will help check in volunteers and alumni. Throughout the year, you should have a friendly and outgoing attitude, while being supportive of other teams.


A Morale Captain should be a source of positivity and Inspiration for dancers and fundraisers before, during and after the event. As a Morale Captain, you should be able to attend and actively participate in every Dance Marathon event throughout the year. Being a Morale captain also entails being a role model for other students and positively promoting Dance Marathon at all times. Ultimately, a Morale Captain is a responsible leader that will encourage others to continue to fundraise and help create miracles For The Kids. As a Morale Captain, you should be available for meetings every Tuesday after 6pm and for various events throughout the year.


Outreach Captains will work alongside our Alumni Board to create events to engage our FSU Dance Marathon alumni. They will work to promote our Dance Marathon cause to members of the Tallahassee community. Furthermore, Captains will assist the Outreach Team with InsipiratioNOLE Leaders meetings, our new leadership development program within Dance Marathon. We are looking for individuals who are looking to spread our cause not only on our FSU campus but as well as in our Tallahassee community.


Participating as a dancer is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have at Florida State University. Over 1,800 students stand 20-hours in honor of those who can’t. Throughout their 20-hour shift, dancers are encouraged to learn the linedance, enjoy live entertainment, eat delicious sponsored food, and meet the miracle families who are directly impacted by their efforts. Dancer registration occurs for two weeks during the Fall and two weeks during the Spring. Dancers have the opportunity to dance with a team or as an individual!

Dancer Registration is closed for DM 2017, but be sure to join us next year!


Continue your involvement with Dance Marathon at FSU by joining our group of passionate and dedicated alumni. The Dance Marathon at FSU Alumni Association seeks to bring together all of our past participants in an effort to continue supporting our beneficiaries - our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital and the FSU College of Medicine’s Pediatric Outreach Programs.

Continue your involvement by becoming an alumni member, registering for the marathon, liking our Facebook page, and donating to the cause!

By becoming an alumni member, you will receive a semesterly newsletter keeping you up to date on the latest DM happenings.

Contact our Outreach Chair at

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Our annual Dance Marathon would not be possible without the generous time dedicated by student volunteers. These volunteers sign up for 1-2 shifts during the marathon, and help to staff in anyway needed. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to receive a sneak peek into how our organization functions internally. Volunteers can be tasked with facilitating dancer meals, fundraising activities, participant safety, and more! Additionally, volunteers can input their donated time as a ServScript submission. Each year, we look for 300-350 volunteers to help support the event and the kids.

Register to be a Fundraiser

Sign up to be a fundraiser on DonorDrive and start raising money For The Kids! You can join as an individual, a team, or create a new team. If you are planning to dance, you must create a fundraising account first. You can register to be a dancer during our two week windows during the Fall and Spring, or you can fundraise throughout the year to contribute to our cause!

How to Register to Fundraise & Dance