Dance Marathon 2021:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shifts called?

Our 10-hour shift is called The Garnet Experience and the 20-hour shift is called The Gold Tradition.

Why are we switching from our usual two 20-hour shifts to one 10-hour shift and one 20-hour shift?

Dance Marathon is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for the entire FSU community. Our goal is always to consider the wellness of our participants. We believe this change will create a better experience for everyone who is involved in our leadership team by fostering health and wellbeing. Changing our shifts will also allow us to extend this opportunity to members of our community who were not able to commit to the full 20-hour shift, but still want to be involved with our organization and attend our event!

What if I want to attend The Garnet Experience (10-hour shift) but I have class on Fridays?

With our event taking place virtually, you can attend Dance Marathon from wherever you are! Join us whenever you’re available- we would love to have you!

What times will each of the shifts be?

Our Marathon will be held on March 5-7th. The Garnet Experience will begin Friday morning at 10am and will last until 9pm that evening. The Gold Tradition will begin on March 6th at 3pm and end at 1pm on March 7th.

What can I expect to see at either shift?

Our Garnet Experience will provide our participants with a condensed timeline of what is typically a part of our traditional marathon. Our Gold Tradition will provide participants all of the parts of our event that we all know and love! This 20-hour shift will include an additional mainstage performance, conclude with our total reveal of funds raised throughout the year, and more!

How do I receive an invitation to attend the marathon?

All of our participants who have reached Dancer Commitment will receive an invitation to the marathon. In order to reach Dancer Commitment, you must have raised $250 or more on your fundraising page. If you’re interested in making a fundraising page, please click here. Fundraising pages are free and the perfect way to start your journey with Dance Marathon at FSU!

How do I pick my shift?

Participants who have reached Dancer Commitment ($250) will receive a preference form in February where they can select their preferred shift. Shifts will be assigned based on how many points a participant has earned through our Unconquered Spirit Program while taking the participant’s preference into account. Once shifts have been assigned, participants will receive a form to confirm if they will be attending The Garnet Experience or The Gold Tradition.

What is Unconquered Spirit?

Unconquered Spirit is a point system, measured in Spirit Points which organizations will use to keep track of their member’s fundraising and participation. Based on the number of points an organization receives, they have the opportunity to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold status, which will assist in giving them the first pick for shift preferences.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact our Executive Director, Madison Faller, at if you have any further questions! If you are one of our Miracle Families, you can also contact our Family Relations Chair, Harper, at

How can I receive my own Marathon Kit?

We will be having contactless pickup times for you to grab your very own Dancer Kit! Your Dancer Kit will contain your event shirt, engagement & fundraising resources, and promotional items from our partners & sponsors.

Will dancers have the ability to participate in all the usual DM at FSU traditions?

Yes, there will still be opportunities within our Marathon to participate in DM at FSU traditions like hitting the gong, doing the line dance, hearing from our miracle families, watching performances, rave, incentives, and total reveal!

High schoolers and Alumni- What will my Marathon experience look like?

For more information about your 2021 Marathon, please reach out to: Community Marathons- Katherine Gibson Alumni- Stephanie Brookshire

We are so excited to bring our 26th annual Dance Marathon at FSU to YOU!


Dance Marathon at Florida State University is committed to providing a safe marathon experience for each of our participants. We will be hosting a hybrid marathon, where each of our participants can experience our marathon from the comfort of their own home or within their organization facility. Dance Marathon will take place within two shifts. The first shift, the Garnet Experience, will be 10 hours, beginning on March 5th at 10am and ending that evening at 9pm. The second shift, the Gold Tradition, will be 20 hours, beginning on March 6th at 3pm and ending on March 7th at 1pm. Our final Total Reveal will be hosted as a drive-in event in the Civic Center parking lot on March 7th.

You can participate in this year’s Dance Marathon by registering here. Make sure to follow our social media pages to stay up to date with all of the entertainment and exclusive offers that you will have access to throughout our marathon weekend.