Executive Board Applications

Dance Marathon 2022 

We’re so excited to begin our 27th year! If you’re interested in applying for our Executive Board, we highly encourage you to come to your interview prepared with additional materials that includes the following information: recommendations for each aspect of the team you are applying for, any changes you would like to make, how you plan to structure roles within your team, and any other extra information you would like to share during your interview. We look forward to hearing from you!


Partnership Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for a Partnership Chair who will oversee corporate and local sponsorship. You will be responsible for building relationships between Dance Marathon at FSU and the corporate and local sponsors, maintaining strong communication with them year-round, and being enthusiastic about bringing new business and sponsors to our organization.

The Partnership chair should have knowledge of advertising and marketing techniques while being ready to find new and innovative ways for sponsors to be showcased throughout the year, and at our main event. This individual needs to have superior communication skills, the ability to answer emails within a 24-hour period, and the readiness to work with other teams that are necessary to fulfill contracts. This position works with the Finance Director while leading the Partnership Team.

Community Marathons Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Community Marathons Chair who will work with the Finance Director on establishing new High School, Middle School, and the local Tallahassee area Dance Marathon programs and expanding upon programs we currently have. They will work closely with the executive boards of each marathon event that is hosted, to create an experience modeling a collegiate level marathon. This entails running the marathons and all fundraising efforts preceding them. The Community Marathons Chair will work together with their coordinators and captains that are each responsible for specific programs in the surrounding area.

Fundraising Development Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Fundraising Development Chair who understands the ins and outs of fundraising within this organization. This individual should have a good grasp on both internal and external fundraising communication, in efforts to better equip them with a plan, resources, and goal-tracking to strengthen any fundraising initiatives throughout the year. This individual should be creative, ready to collaborate, and eager to transform this position into a direct resource for our Delegates, Outreach teams (INL and Alumni), Internal teams, and Community Marathons. This Chair will work on creating, organizing, and executing new fundraising initiatives and campaigns, to help engage all registered fundraisers. They will also plan and implement fundraising incentives (i.e. milestones) throughout the year to help motivate individuals to reach their personal fundraising goals and beyond, as well as in-event initiatives to engage our community throughout the year at each of our events. This Chair will work with the Finance Director and will lead the Fundraising Development team, who will be responsible for creating monthly fundraising plans for their corresponding teams.

Finance Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Finance Chair to assist in the collection, organization, tracking, and processing of the large number of donations we receive in the months leading up to and during the 40-hour marathon. This position will oversee the intake, documentation, and deposits of thousands of dollars from individuals and teams fundraising For The Kids. They will also play a part in defining push days, and assisting other teams where needed in their financial efforts throughout the year. The Finance Chair will work closely with the Finance Director and oversee a close team of coordinators.

Dancer Relations

Morale Chair

The Morale Chair is head of the Morale Team, which is comprised of three Morale Coordinators and 90+ Morale Captains. The Morale Chair should be a beacon of light for the organization. They should be outgoing and passionate about Dance Marathon's cause. This person is in charge of running the morale program, inspiring passion, encouraging inclusivity and cause-connection throughout the year. The Morale Chair is also in charge of choreographing and teaching the Linedance. This position will work closely with both the Membership and Recruitment Chairs to enhance dancer experience all year long and focus closely upon each external organization/dancer. The Morale Chair will work underneath the Dancer Relations Director.

Recruitment Chair

The Recruitment Chair should be an enthusiastic individual who wants to help recruit the best dancers, volunteers, and new organizations that DM has ever seen. This person should have a full understanding of what Dance Marathon is and where we are headed in order to connect empowered people to our cause in an innovative way. This person works to engage students and build mutually beneficial relationships with organizations across campus through communication and personal connection. It is in this position that this individual will also lead the Management and Executive Team in awareness of the other organizations events in order to give back to the FSU community. The Recruitment Chair leads the recruitment team, which comprises 4-5 Coordinators and will work underneath the Dancer Relations Director

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair should be an inspiring, flexible individual who wants to lead the best dancer Delegates that DM has ever seen. The Membership Chair will be the face of DM to all of our dancer Delegates. They are responsible for keeping Delegates and their respective organizations informed and excited throughout the year. This position aligns with our long-term vision of improving the overall quality of our dancers, participants, and event itself. The Membership Chair needs to fully understand what DM at FSU stands for where we are headed in order to maximize the experience of every single person who invests their time, energy, and/or resources for the kids. The Membership Chair will work closely with the Recruitment Chair to better facilitate smaller organizations in their first years of our movement as they cross over into our membership program. The Membership Chair will work underneath the Dancer Relations Director.

Outreach Chair

The Outreach chair is the connection between our newest and oldest participants. Throughout the year, this position will work to connect alumni to our cause through the alumni rep program and encourage them to participate in our fundraising efforts. They will also lead the Inspiring New Leaders program, which is our freshman leadership program, as they learn about our cause and grow within the organization. The Outreach Chair will also be responsible for post Dance Marathon follow-ups on the retention of our past INLs. It’s important that the Outreach chair is able to collaborate well with the other members of the Executive Board. The Outreach Chair will work underneath the Dancer Relations Director.

Marketing and Publicity Chair


The Marketing and Publicity Chair leads our team in spreading awareness about Dance Marathon across our campus, our patient families, the greater Tallahassee community, and the state. This position will be responsible for managing and communicating our media relations, internal and external communications, and marketing events and pushes throughout the year. This position will work closely with all teams on the executive board to create a consistent and cohesive brand throughout the year that will help our organization maintain a positive image. This position involves working with the External Director while leading the Marketing and Publicity team, consisting of the Public Relations Coordinator, the Marketing Coordinator,  the Social Media Coordinator, and Graphic Design Coordinators. The marketing and publicity chair must also be able to stay in line with strict deadlines in order to push content out in a timely manner.

Information Technology (IT) Chair

The IT chair is responsible for managing and updating the DM at FSU website in a timely and efficient manner to provide the most accurate information to both our internal and external communities. The IT chair will be responsible for the improvement and maintenance of the DM at FSU app including exploring platform options, working with developers to understand our vision, and executing the goals of the DM at FSU application. They will also handle the maintenance of all internal communication systems. At the Marathon, the IT coordinator will be responsible for leading the team that will be in charge of the audio, visual, and lighting equipment at the Marathon and works with the External Director as well as Civic Center Staff to ensure all dancers have the best possible Marathon experience. The IT chair must be able to communicate and respond in a timely manner, as they will serve as a supplement to any technological aspects of all other internal teams. Due to the likelihood of hybrid or completely virtual events in order to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, the IT chair will be responsible for facilitating Zoom activities and making sure that everything is running smoothly and as efficiently as possible. The IT chair must also be able to take in and answer any technical difficulty questions that arise in a timely manner. 

Creative Development Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Creative Development Chair who is constantly coming up with creative and innovative ideas about how photography and videography can be incorporated to expand the brand of Dance Marathon. This position oversees our yearlong production projects and the videography for opening and closing ceremonies during Marathon weekend while orchestrating the photography/videography of our events throughout the year. 

This person must be knowledgeable in all things digital media-related and great at delegating tasks. The Creative Development chair must be in charge of fostering a relationship with the Marketing and Publicity team to create a consistent brand. They love working in teams, side-by-side with other amazing students who are tech-savvy (and not so tech-savvy). They are excellent at managing several projects at once and work well under pressure. This chair will work with the External Director while leading the Creative Development Team, consisting of Video Production and Photography Coordinators.

Merchandise Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Merchandise Chair that will be responsible for designing all merchandise, effectively pricing and tracking sales, and distributing products efficiently, while keeping our brand in mind as well as a proper representation of DM at FSU. They will work closely with production companies in the Tallahassee community to order all merchandise, and to receive the most cost effective items. The merchandise chair is also responsible for monitoring trends and surveying the needs of our target consumers in order to supply merchandise that people will be interested in purchasing. The Merchandise Chair will work with the External Director and will lead a team of four coordinators.

Hospitality Chair


Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for a Hospitality Chair that will be responsible for obtaining all food donations from local Tallahassee businesses and planning a healthy menu that includes a variety of options for dietary restrictions to feed all of our dancers throughout the Marathon weekend. Keeping nutrition in mind, this position will contact vendors and local businesses throughout the year to obtain food donations for our dancer meals.  At the event, the Hospitality Chair is responsible for the coordination of providing meals for 800+ dancers per shift during the event. Throughout the year, the Hospitality chair and their team will also work to plan “share-it” nights with local restaurants and plan food truck rallies at a variety of in-person events.  We're looking for someone committed, organized, and to the point.  This should be a candidate who feels confident coordinating with members of Tallahassee’s business community in a professional setting and can come up with creative ways to offer a dynamic and delicious menu. The Hospitality Chair will work underneath the Marathon Director. 

Family Relations Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for a Family Relations Chair to serve as the main liaison between our organization and the families from Shands Children’s Hospital in addition to the children in Gadsden County and other local organizations who are our FSU College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Program beneficiaries. This position has the privilege of leading the Family Relations Team for the year and is responsible for keeping the families updated throughout the course of the year, working closely with Shands, and ensuring that the families have the time of their lives during the Marathon. It is important that this candidate be able to engage our families and help our dancers understand the importance of their journeys with pediatric illness and injury in a virtual and in-person setting. The Family Relations Chair will work underneath the Marathon Director.

Marathon Experience Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for a Marathon Experience Chair that will be responsible for ensuring our Dancers have the best time at their shift with a variety of entertainment options, games, and performances while also making sure that the basic needs of the Marathon are met, such as water, trash, and other logistics. This should be a person who is organized, not afraid of hard work, can coordinate a variety of logistical details, and enjoys working under pressure. As the Marathon Experience Chair, you are responsible for finding, booking, and coordinating different acts to showcase at DM — in both a virtual and in-person setting. This needs to be someone dedicated to cultivating the dancer’s Marathon experience by organizing and planning larger-scale activities at the event to keep dancers engaged for their twenty-hour shift while also being able to come up with smaller-scale activities in the Play like a Kid area that will be available for our dancers throughout the entirety of our event at their leisure. This person also needs to be prepared for any changes that might occur throughout the year, including planning a virtual hybrid Marathon. Additionally, you will be working with your team at the marathon to ensure that basic logistical needs are met, this includes, but is not limited to: filling water jugs to hydrate our dancers, taking out trash, setting up barricades and tables, etc. This chair will be responsible for the Security & Risk Management Coordinator, which is a separate position that deals directly with FSUPD, FSU Medical Response Unit, and other safety agents that ensure our event runs as smoothly and safely as possible. This Marathon Events Chair will work underneath the Marathon Director.

Engagement Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for an Engagement Chair to bring Dance Marathon to the Tallahassee and FSU community. They will be responsible for researching external activities happening in our greater Tallahassee community, while still actively planning in-person and virtual events that serve our local FSU campus and community. Additionally, this person is responsible for planning, overseeing, and executing all in-person and virtual events leading up to Marathon weekend. This includes helping Delegates plan for their mini-marathons and other events to get our external community excited for the Marathon. Furthermore, the Engagement Chair should utilize campus partners to plan monthly, small-scale events that can happen virtually or in-person where internal stewardship can occur (renting out the cinema, dodgeball, etc.). The Engagement Chair must have a love for event planning in both an in-person and virtual setting, fundraising, and thinking outside the box. Everyone - students, community members, and our Miracle Families - should be talking about what DM at FSU is doing.