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Organizational Delegate

We are looking for hard-working and passionate individuals to serve as our 2024 Delegates for our external organizations! Our Delegates have one of the most rewarding positions within their organization and Dance Marathon. These Delegates will be the main liaison between DMFSU and our external organizations and are expected to keep track of their members’ involvement, fundraising, as well as relaying information about our cause to their members. Delegates are expected to attend all weekly Delegate meetings and DMFSU events throughout the entire year. We are looking for Delegates who are not only passionate about our cause but are also willing to go above and beyond for their members. 

Team Miracle Delegate

The Team Miracle Delegate will act as the main liaison between Dance Marathon at Florida State University and our dancers who are not participating as part of an external organization. The TM Delegate’s primary responsibility is to educate, engage, and foster an incredible experience for their dancers throughout the year and at the marathon itself. They will be responsible for relaying all information pertaining to our cause and our events to their dancers. The TM Delegate should be an individual who is friendly, approachable, and capable of creating a sense of community between their dancers. The TM Delegate will work closely with our membership and recruitment teams to help foster the best possible experience throughout the year for our Team Miracle dancers.

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