Dance Marathon 2022

Captain and INL Applications

We're so excited for our 27th year!


Captains: There are Captain positions available within each branch of Dance Marathon at FSU: Dancer Relations, External, Finance, and Marathon. Captains work with Coordinators and their Chair on one of 16 leadership/internal teams throughout the year. Scroll down or click on the buttons below to learn more about Captains' roles for each team.

Inspiring New Leaders (INL): The Inspiring New Leaders Program is comprised of freshmen students who will meet weekly and will receive a first-hand look at our cause from every aspect. INL's work throughout the year with a particular internal team of their choosing and will receive an invaluable experience of running the event itself.

Captain and INL applications will close _____ at 11:59PM. Please be sure to enter your email correctly on the application, as this is how we will be in contact with our applicants.  


If you have any questions, contact Evalee Mason at

Click below to see available Captain positions by branch, and to learn more about the INL program


Dancer Relations


Membership Captains work alongside the internal team to lead the Delegate program to new heights. Students in this position will work by assisting the Membership Chair and Coordinators as they act as the liaison between the Delegates of all organizations across campus and the rest of our internal team. They assist the 2021 Delegates with engaging their members in our year-long movement by helping facilitate push days, communicating with Delegates and their members, improving the dancer experience, and aiding with guest services at the marathon.



Recruitment Captains will help recruit the best dancers, organizations, and volunteers that DM has ever seen! They will be the face of Dance Marathon while helping to facilitate various virtual recruitment efforts, working with Team Miracle, and connecting with new organizations that are looking to join our program. They must have strong cause-connection and be willing and able to tell others about their DM at FSU experience. The Recruitment Captains need to fully understand what Dance Marathon is and where we are headed in order to connect empowered people to our cause in an innovative way. 



Morale Captains must have a great passion for our organization. They must possess creative ideas with the ability to implement them in a large team setting. Their presence at various external events, high school programs, and rallies will help reinforce that Dance Marathon at FSU 2021 is a year-long event. They will work together throughout the year on various committees to bring things like the line dance and theme hours to life, in order to spread awareness of Dance Marathon at FSU’s core values to the rest of the student body.  Morale Captains MUST have had previous experience within Dance Marathon at FSU. 


The Outreach Team is home to our Alumni and Inspiring New Leaders program (INL’s). The INL program serves as a bridge for our freshman leaders on campus to find their home within our organization, while the Alumni program ensures our Alumni still feel empowered about DM, just as they did during their time at FSU. Outreach Captains will share their love and experiences of Dance Marathon with the INLs as well as Alumni. Specifically, captains will help the Outreach Chair and Coordinators teach INLs about the foundation of Dance Marathon and about the components that make our organization so unique. Outreach Captains will be assigned an INL family and will be responsible for communicating with them on a weekly basis, answering questions, and inspiring them to find their love and passion for Dance Marathon at FSU!


Marathon Experience

The Marathon Experience team coordinates performances and activities to keep dancers entertained and is responsible for the logistical execution of the Marathon. We are seeking captains who have an interest in event planning and project management. Captains will work throughout the year to come up with creative and innovative ideas that will enhance the overall dancer experience by researching and coordinating different entertainment acts to showcase at the event, as well as plan and organize other games/activities for the dancers to participate in. Along with executing entertainment ideas, Captains will help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the dancers. They will work alongside our team to come up with the layout and assist with the timeline that the entire event adheres to. Captains will help ensure that the Marathon is running smoothly at all times. A Marathon Experience Captain needs to be fast-thinking, innovative, and creative.


Family Relations

DM at FSU is looking for fun, outgoing Family Relations Captains to work directly with our Miracle Families, serving as a liaison between them, our internal team, and the external community. Our captains are an integral part of keeping our families connected to our organization throughout the year. Family Captains will help organize engaging monthly family events, in which it is the job of the captains to keep our families comfortable and engaged. Captains will also help create designated family areas at our marathon, one as a space to interact with the external community and a second for families to relax and recuperate from the craziness of the event. In order for the Family Relations team to be successful, we need captains who are dedicated, organized, communicable, and (most importantly) love our kiddos!!



This position is looking for personable, friendly foodies who want to help prepare to feed our 1,500 dancers during the marathon! This position is not just needed at the event, it is a full time, year-round commitment. As a Hospitality Captain, you will be working with a Hospitality Coordinator in contacting local businesses and vendors around Tallahassee and fostering relationships in order to receive food donations. Captains are able to practice communication skills, work with Coordinators in signing contracts with local businesses, and be a liaison by spreading awareness for our cause throughout the Tallahassee community. During the marathon, captains will be picking up food items from restaurants and assisting in serving the dancers during each meal shift. Captains will also assist with external events DM at FSU puts on throughout the year and helping plan and pick up food for those events. To help the Marathon Team be successful, Captains will need to be dedicated, organized, outgoing, and take initiative. 



This position will work with the Engagement team to organize and facilitate various events throughout the year. The Engagement Captains will be responsible for creating and facilitating events that will engage not only the FSU community but the Tallahassee community as well. The Captains will also be responsible for collaborating with the Engagement Chair and Coordinators to create different events that will maximize the goals and visions of our cause, while also maximizing profit for our organization. This person must be outgoing, responsible, creative, and able to attend all events.



DM at FSU is looking for creative, passionate, and outgoing fundraising captains to put the fun in fundraising! In this position, you will be assisting with the creation of fundraising efforts within DM at FSU as an organization through facilitating yearlong fundraising on our campus and within our local high schools and middle schools. The fundraising team does this by creating themed campaigns, providing physical support as needed for monthly fundraising pushes (volunteering at tabling for the Letter Writing Campaigns, Market Wednesday tabling, Miracle Milestones distribution, etc.), facilitating in-event fundraising incentives (movies, sit times, Milestone distribution, etc.), and providing encouragement to dancers and participants at the event and throughout the year.  You will also be motivating individual dancers, fundraisers, and organizations to fundraise using new and creative ideas, tips and tricks to help them reach their highest fundraising potential. Additionally, you’ll be working closely with the Membership team and the Community Marathons team to assist their delegates and participants with anything they might need. 


  • Motivate people to look at the bigger picture of fundraising, not just on an individual level but as an organization as a whole

  • Facilitate year-long fundraising through strategically planned campaigns

  • Provide physical support as needed for monthly fundraising pushes (volunteering at Letter Writing Campaign tabling, Market Wednesday tabling, Miracle Milestone distribution, etc.)

  • Facilitate at-event fundraising (movies, sit times, Milestone distribution, etc.)

  • Provide encouragement to dancers and participants at events and throughout the year

  • Attend opening/closing ceremonies during both of your shifts at the Marathon

  • Motivate and assist individual dancers, fundraisers and organizations to fundraise using new and creative ideas, tips and tricks to help them reach their highest fundraising potentials

  • Work closely with the Membership team and the Community Marathons team to assist their Delegates and participants throughout the year



This position will work directly with our Partnership Coordinators under the Finance branch. Partnership captains will assist the Partnership Chair and Coordinators with obtaining local and corporate level sponsorships and stewarding past sponsors. Partnership captains will also maintain the Partnership teams’ online voice through social media marketing to enhance each business’ Dance Marathon experience to foster a long-term partnership. Partnership captains must have great communication skills, be comfortable reaching out to businesses and have some knowledge of advertising and marketing techniques. 


Community Marathons

DM at FSU is looking for Community Marathons Captains to help bring our mini-marathons to life! In this position, you will have the opportunity to work and collaborate with local programs in Leon County. You will also be responsible for helping facilitate high school executive board meetings, brainstorming ideas to get schools involved and fundraising, and serving as a liaison of support for the high school program and its students. Our high school programs culminate in February with a month of mini-marathons which you are expected to attend and help run. Some of the requirements for this position include time management skills, patience, and a drive to help spread our Dance Marathon movement throughout the Tallahassee community. Be prepared to serve as a leader and mentor to these students by helping them put on an entire marathon and ensuring that each school's participants are actively engaged throughout the year and during their mini-marathon! Also, be prepared to have LOTS of fun!


  • Facilitate bi-weekly high school executive board meetings alongside a CM coordinator 

  • Attend all mini-marathon events/virtual events throughout the year 

  • Serve as the main point of contact for the high school executive board regarding middle school programming

  • Brainstorm ideas to get schools involved and fundraising for our movement

  • Serve as a liaison of support between DM at FSU and mini-marathon programs 

  • Communicate clearly and respectfully with all school staff and adhere to all district policies/rules

  • A willingness to grow as a leader and develop leadership skills throughout the year

  • A drive to spread the Dance Marathon movement throughout the Tallahassee community 

Important Skills: 

  • Time management

  • Patience (as you are working with high school and middle school students regularly)

  • Being a team player

  • Positivity 

  • Creativity/willingness to adapt to change


Information Technology

In this position, you will be helping to engage the external community through updating our website, and working on ideas for an application. With this time of being all online, we need new ideas in how to communicate with our internal and external community. We also control all the technology at all of our events. Your responsibilities would include bringing new ideas, helping with the website, and working with technology throughout the year. 


Marketing and Publicity

  • Social Media: In this position, you will have an interactive role with each of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Social media captains will also be asked to brainstorm new ways to interact with the Tallahassee community and FSU campus through each of our platforms. They also have the unique opportunity to capture the essence of the Marathon through social media. This person must be innovative and social media-savvy as they will both create & post social media content. 

  • Public Relations: In this position, you will help form and sustain a professional relationship with local newspapers, radio stations and news stations in the Tallahassee and FSU communities. Captains will assist in writing press releases, media advisories, monthly newsletters and blog posts on behalf of DM at FSU. 

  • Graphic Design: In this position, you will be responsible for designing all of the social media graphics for Dance Marathon at FSU under the direction of the Graphic Design Coordinator. This person will have a unique opportunity to help mold the brand of this organization through creative graphics. To be a Graphic Design Captain, you must be proficient in either Photoshop and/or Illustrator in order to create flyers, social media graphics, and newsletters. 

  • Marketing: In this position, you will assist the Marketing Coordinator and the Marketing Chair in developing campaigns, marketing strategies and expanding the brand for Dance Marathon at FSU in its 25th year. You will work closely with the Public Relations team and help foster professional relationships with local news outlets. You will also aid in the creation of monthly newsletters and ensure the brand of DM at FSU is well reflected and consistent in all marketing efforts. 



Merchandise captains help to transform our brand into physical and fashionable apparel! In this position, you will be responsible for collaborating and working efficiently with the Merchandise Chair and Coordinators to work with our merchandise distributors (i.e. Full Press), create new and exciting designs for the online merchandise store, distribute merchandise to the members of organizations who have made purchases, and develop new promotional items for individuals to purchase. We are looking for individuals with a creative eye, who want to design and distribute new and exciting merchandise for our Tallahassee community!


  • Work professionally with our merchandise distributors (i.e. Full Press) 

  • Create new and exciting designs for our online merchandise store

  • Distribute merchandise to the members of organizations who have made purchases

  • Develop new promotional items

  • Help promote our new items throughout the year

  • Market Wednesday distribution shifts throughout the semester


Creative Development

  • This position will involve taking pictures and capturing video at Dance Marathon events whether be virtual or in-person throughout the year! In addition, you will also be expected to learn the inner workings of Dance Marathon. You must be present at events to document the activities for our photography and videography projects. The Creative Development Captains should have experience as a photographer and/or videographer. In addition, they are expected to learn and deepen their photography and videography skills, as well as their editing skills, and be willing to challenge themselves throughout the year!


Inspiring New Leaders (INL)


Time and time again, we see incredibly passionate and talented young leaders on this campus who want to be involved and make a difference. With this program, that is exactly our mission. The Inspiring New Leaders Program is comprised of freshmen students who will meet weekly and will receive a first-hand look at our cause from every aspect. INL's will meet miracle families and hear their stories, watch presentations from our executive board as they outline the details of their roles, and experience hands-on leadership workshops and training. In addition to this, these members will still have the opportunity to attend Dance Marathon as a Dancer. Even more, INL's will be able to work throughout the year as well as during the Marathon with a particular internal team of their choosing and will receive an invaluable experience of running the event itself. We are so excited about this innovative program, and can't wait to meet young leaders who are looking to leave their mark on this campus.