Register to Fundraise


Sign up to be a fundraiser on Donor Drive and start raising money For The Kids! You can join as an individual, a team, or create a new team. If you are planning to dance, you must create a fundraising account first. You can register to be a dancer during our two-week windows during the Fall and Spring, or you can fundraise throughout the year to contribute to our cause!

Fundraising Tips


Every penny counts when you are fighting to create miracles in a child’s life. The money that Dance Marathon at Florida State University raises benefits our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and the College of Medicine’s Pediatric Outreach Programs. The funds we raise make these miracles a reality in the lives of many children and their families. There are endless ways you can fundraise for the kids! Check out our Fundraising Guide and the rest of this page for tips and tricks to start raising money!

Letter Writing Campaign


Letter writing with the letter template provided by DM at FSU is one of the easiest ways to raise money on behalf of the kids.

To Write A Successful Letter Review the Following Checklist:
  • Collect addresses by asking parents for their address book or Holiday card address list!

  • Click the link above to download the letter to send to your friends and family.

  • Add a personal note to the letter template or on the outside of the envelope

  • Appropriately address the envelope to the recipient in the center of the envelope and include your return address in the left corner.

  • Don’t forget a stamp in the right-hand corner!

  • Thank everyone who sends a donation -- this is the most important part of any fundraiser!

Sponsor a Dancer


We have found that businesses can donate more towards your goal than personal donations can. Therefore, by using our sponsorship letter, you can do less work, for more! We encourage you to print this out and bring it (or even email it) to businesses that may support you. And remember, a personal touch always helps when reaching out to these businesses!

Selling Dance Marathon to Sponsors
  • Your tax deductible donation benefits local Tallahassee families affected by pediatric health issues through the Children's Miracle Network and the FSU College of Medicine.

  • Not only are you supporting families and children and need, you're also supporting me as a dancer (fundraiser) so that I might reach my fundraising goal and be able to participate as a dancer.

  • Sponsor benefits include various levels of branding exposure methods, coupled with the genuine joy of giving.



Sending emails to friends and family is a quick and simple way for everyone involved in Dance Marathon at FSU to fundraise For The Kids.

Tips on Putting Together An Inspiring Email:
  • Include your personal story on how you got involved with Dance Marathon. What does it mean to you? Why do you stand For The Kids?

  • Edit this email template to make it more personal and clear based on who you are sending it to (friends, family, friends of parents, etc.)

  • Insert Sample Email Template

  • If emails go unanswered, don’t get discouraged. Follow up with reminder emails, texts, or even phone calls.

  • For those potential donors who are not as familiar with emails check out our Letter Writing Template above!

25 Ways to Fundraise

  1. Instead of receiving only presents for your birthday, ask for donations to your classy page! Make a simple instagram story with your venmo handle and repost it with your donors faces each time you get a new donation.

  2. Promise your donors to thank them in a special way, like creating a T-shirt with their faces on them, or a pair of white sneakers with every donor’s name. Then, rock it at the marathon.

  3. Give something up. For however many dollars donated= how many days without your favorite thing.

  4. Make a commitment FTK! Say you will run as many miles as you receive donations before the marathon.

  5. Visit your old teachers from highschool, middle school, and elementary school when you’re home. Tell them about your dedication to the cause and how any amount helps! 

  6. Send a mass email to all of your old teachers, friends, and any family members you haven’t reached out to yet. 

  7. Sell old clothes on social media for donations.

  8. Shave your head/dye your hair for donations.

  9. Reach out to your parent’s friends on facebook.

  10. Buy a box of donuts or a box of pizza and sell each of them for a $1 donation.

  11. Dog-sit/babysit and donate a percentage of your earnings to your Classy Page.

  12. Make stickers of a funny picture of yourself for donations.

  13.  Hold a drawing for gift cards or merchandise on social media for donation entries.

  14. Keep a change jar and donate your savings before the Marathon.

  15. “What ___ are you?” Have people donate to you for a personality comparison and post them on your social media for each person. Ex: What kind of dog are you? Which disney character are you?

  16. Share your passion for DM through writing a letter! Older family members appreciate a letter a lot more than a mass email.

  17. FTKab: give rides to friends for $5 donations.

  18. Promise to wear a funny costume around all day/do something crazy in public when you reach a monetary goal.

  19. Sell and deliver candy grams for holidays during classes while wearing a funny costume.

  20. Announce that you’ll match all donations for a certain day or amount of time.

  21. Creative? Make something FTK to sell for donations.

  22. Throw a party and charge people donations to come.

  23. Announce a competition between you and a friend for raising money on Facebook.

  24. Message and call your family members during matching hours.

  25. Participate in all DM at FSU fundraising campaigns.