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Inspiring New Leader Applications

Inspiring New Leader Position (INLs)

The Inspiring New Leader (INL) position is a Freshman Leadership Program within Dance Marathon at FSU’s internal team. This position teaches valuable leadership skills and introduces our future volunteers to our cause of pediatric philanthropy. As an INL, you will get the chance to meet and interact with the children and families that we fundraise for and participate in our year-long fundraising efforts. This position also allows you to gain an inside view of the organization's structure and how DM operates year-round. The INLs are one of our largest internal programs and are a part of the Leadership and Legacy Team. The connections and friendships made as an INL add to the long list of reasons why DM at FSU is so special. This program also helps you find your future place within the many teams of Dance Marathon at Florida State University!


The INL program is led by the Leadership & Legacy Chair which for 2024 is Carly Orantes,

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