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Management Applications

Management applications will be open from Friday March 8th - Sunday, March 17th at 11:59PM. Interviews will take place the week of March 18th. Please be sure to enter the correct email on the application, as this is how we will be in contact with our applicants. If you have any further questions, please contact Abbie Hynes at

Executive Director

The Executive Director is the head of Dance Marathon. They are responsible for leading the Management Team, Executive Board, Coordinators, and Captains. They set major goals and spearhead large initiatives alongside the Finance Director, Marathon Director, External Director, and Dancer Relations Director. They also handle routine administrative tasks, such as room reservations, organization re-recognition, weekly meetings, and more. The ideal candidate will be committed to the success of Dance Marathon while ensuring that the organization remains open, inclusive, and diverse. Furthermore, they will have a firm understanding of finance and fundraising, event planning, organizational management, and problem-solving. The Executive Director also works closely with FSU Staff, and advisors, as well as the Shands representative.


  • Oversee internal positions, such as the Directors and Chairs, ensuring that tasks are being completed effectively and deadlines are being met.

  • Assist management in setting major goals and initiatives for the entirety of the 2025 DM season. 

  • Strengthen the relationship between Dance Marathon and other organizations on campus/ the FSU campus as a whole.

  • Encourage diversity and inclusion within DM by finding ways to make our philanthropy expand beyond what has traditionally consisted of mostly Greek organizations.

  • Lead weekly management meetings, weekly executive board meetings, and occasional CORE and All-Team meetings.

  • Assist directors in problem-solving, and setting goals, benchmarks, and deadlines for their chairs.

  • Work closely with Shands Advisor and Faculty Advisor to maintain communication and gather their input. 

  • Solve major problems and errors quickly and efficiently while constantly being proactive about potential problems and issues that may arise throughout the year.

  • Use effective conflict management skills to solve any problems that may arise between Directors/Chairs/Internal Members/etc.

  • Review all major contracts, expenses, and partnerships to ensure we are being treated fairly and that all of our business interactions are professional and effective.

  • Work closely with the Finance team to oversee major fundraising initiatives and track their performance.

  • Work closely with the Southeast Cause Partnerships Manager for Dance Marathon, to brainstorm about how to use Children’s Miracle Network’s national office’s resources, and coordinate visits to Tallahassee.

Finance Director

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Finance Director to lead the Finance Team in the university's largest student-run philanthropy by ensuring we are fundraising like no other and keeping track of our finances. The Finance Director is a proactive individual who can communicate their fundraising plans and goals to a team of highly motivated peers to make sure the future growth of DM never ceases! They have impeccable organizational skills and work with a Shands representative to ensure that we record all of our donations accurately and appropriately. This position leads the Finance Team consisting of the Finance, Fundraising, Community Marathons, and Partnership Chairs. 



  • Responsible for knowing where we are financially at all times, keeping our records intact with Shands.

  • Keep both the long-term and short-term fundraising goals for DM in mind throughout the year and proactively act upon them to reach them.

  • Help the Management Team, Internal Team, and Dancers reach their fundraising goals.

  • Work closely with the Finance Chair, Shands Representative and Membership Chair year-round to ensure we are current on all fundraising efforts (including canning and events) being conducted by dancer & internal teams.

  • Have the most enthusiasm in the room when meeting with your Internal Team– lead by example. If you see a Director having difficulties, be a second voice on their behalf.

  • Must remember that DM at FSU is more than an event - it is a year-long fundraiser!

  • Manage dancer invitation processes in the Spring with the Dancer Relations Director and the Management Team.

  • Continue to develop Dance Marathon's partnership program by offering customized packages to fit local and corporate sponsor needs.

  • Manage our 6+ High School Programs to ensure there is growth every year. 

  • Ensure that DM is data-driven, innovative, and strategic in our fundraising; you will look at our past fundraising initiatives and decide how to improve our efforts for the next year to raise even more money.

  • Lead the Finance Team with enthusiasm and motivation throughout the year – you will help your chairs brainstorm, plan, and execute their goals all year long, in addition to managing all of our fundraising pushes at DM.

External Director

Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for an External Director to manage our growth and plan our outreach and presence both inside and outside the Florida State University campus. This person can foresee the impact of DM at FSU as it grows beyond the Florida State community. This position will lead the External Team, consisting of Marketing & Publicity, Media Productions, Information Technology, and Merchandise Chairs. The External Director is responsible for communicating and engaging with the public as well. 


  • Utilize your team to reach out to the FSU community and beyond to explore new opportunities for involvement with Dance Marathon.

  • Further establish DM at FSU as a true Florida State tradition.

  • Brainstorm, plan, and assist your Chairs to help them reach their goals, visions, and deadlines.

  • Be able to maintain deadlines and make sure your chairs are doing the same 

  • Oversee the design, pricing, production, and distribution of merchandise - including communication with production companies.

  • Oversee the brand usage of DM at FSU through social media, publicity and graphic design, as well as partners.

  • Ensure the production of videos and marketing materials follow the branding of our organization.

  • Develop communication materials for the external community that depicts the true nature of our organization.

  • Work seamlessly with the Executive Board and your Chairs to ensure that our events, organization, and brand are consistently communicated to all of our external constituents effectively (on multiple platforms) throughout the year.

  • You can look at big picture goals, but have the detail-oriented mindset to make them happen. You are able to communicate those goals with Advisors, Management and the Executive Board.

Marathon Director

The Marathon Director is responsible for planning and executing Dance Marathon at FSU’s annual 30-hour long event.  They coordinate every team’s plan and layout to ensure that the dancer experience is the best it can be.  From curating a timeline of diverse entertainment acts to planning the meals for over 1,000 dancers, this person will lead the charge on creating an event that is exciting, innovative, and most importantly: promotes retention of returning dancers.  This position directly leads the Marathon Branch, consisting of Marathon Events, Hospitality, Miracle Experience, and Family Relations Chairs.  


  • Create the Execution Timeline for the 30-hour Dance Marathon, down to 5-minute increments.  This includes setup, breakdown, planning, and everything in between. 

  • Work and meet with all the chairs you lead in order to establish and achieve both short and long-term goals. 

  • Work and meet with all chairs to establish and execute their team’s Marathon vision

  • Enhance and coordinate the stewardship of the Family program.  

  • Create a positive atmosphere and energy within the Florida State community to help promote DM in a positive and fun way – DM should be a tradition on campus that everyone wants to be a part of. 

  • Oversee the creation and execution of events from the Marathon Events Team, such as Miles for Miracles 5K and Miracle Market, that captures the attention of our internal and external participants.

  • Oversee the creation and execution of events tailored to all of internal and external that pertain to fundraising pushes such as Statement and Leave Your Legacy. 

  • Focus on innovation and enhancement of the Marathon Experience with the Marathon Events Chair. Dancers should want to come back and experience something new every year!

  • Delegate tasks to each member of the Marathon Team, while making sure they are hitting their deadlines. 

  • Brainstorm new and interactive ideas with the Hospitality Team to execute throughout the year and Marathon weekend. Create new relationships with local and corporate restaurants for Marathon donations. 

  • Be an active member on the Management team, supporting and collaborating with each other throughout the year.

Dancer Relations Director

The Dancer Relations Director works to enhance the dancer experience through our year-long movement. This person is responsible for representing Dance Marathon in a positive light as they oversee the recruitment of new organizations and fundraisers as well as the retention of existing organizations. They are constantly improving the delegate program and ensuring that delegates are informed and prepared to take information back to their organizations. They will also work closely with the Finance Director to strategically plan cause and incentive-based fundraising campaigns catered to our organizations. The Dancer Relations Director will create positive energy among FSU’s campus to inspire and encourage our dancers. This position leads the Morale, Membership, Recruitment, and Leadership & Legacy Chairs. These positions will collectively work together to recruit, engage, and maintain our dancers/fundraisers throughout the year.


  • Manage the Delegate Program through the Membership Team, ensuring all initiatives are being delivered upon through our external organizations 

  • Focus on retention and quality of the dancers we have recruited as we want dancers to have a great experience and come back every year, to realize their fundraising potential, and to inspire a why for all of our dancers

  • Oversee the recruitment of new organizations, fundraisers, dancers and volunteers

  • Oversee the Morale program and ensure it is a leadership-based initiative that is focused on the dancer experience to encourage a positive environment throughout the year for our dancers

  • Work to improve the Inspiring New Leaders Program alongside the Leadership and Legacy Chair

  • Connect alumni to our movement through specific pushes and initiatives as well as overseeing the expansion of the alumni program

  • Attend weekly Internal, Executive Board, Finance, Membership, and any other additional meetings

  • Oversee each of the four DR Chairs and attend to any needs they may have throughout the year

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