Participating as a dancer is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have at Florida State University. Over 1,800 students dance in our weekend event in honor of those who can’t. Throughout their event shift, dancers are encouraged to learn the line dance, enjoy live entertainment, and meet the miracle families who are directly impacted by their efforts. Dancer registration occurs during select weeks in the fall and spring semester. Dancers have the opportunity to dance with a team or as an individual!

Our annual Dance Marathon would not be possible without the generous time dedicated by student volunteers. These volunteers sign up for 1-2 shifts during the marathon and help to staff in any way needed. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to receive a sneak peek into how our organization functions internally. Volunteers can be tasked with facilitating dancer meals, fundraising activities, participant safety, and more! Additionally, volunteers can input their donated time as a ServScript submission. Volunteer registration will open early in the spring semester.