Register to Dance

When you register to dance, you are securing your ticket to attend our Marathon for the upcoming year! You will either attend our 10 hour Garnet shift or our 20 hour Gold shift, in addition to receiving exclusive dancer perks. 


Once you are registered to dance, raise $250 or "Dancer Commitment", to reserve your spot at the Marathon and to earn your invite to the main event this March. Registration is only open for two weeks in the fall, so make sure you register to dance today to secure your ticket.

Important note: Having a fundraising (Donor Drive) page is not the same as registering to dance. So, if you have already made your Donor Drive page, you can now register to dance! 

To register to dance, follow this link, and purchase your ticket for just $25! 

This $25 will go back into your personal fundraising account after the registration period ends in October! 


  1. Create a fundraising page

  2. Register to Dance ($25 donation to yourself)

  3. Raise $250 (Dancer Commitment)

  4. Attend our Marathon in March, at either:

  • The 10 hour Garnet shift, (Friday morning-Friday night)

  • OR the 20 hour Gold shift (Saturday morning-Sunday afternoon)

  • Marathon FAQ's


If you have any questions about dancer registration, contact our Dancer Relations Director, Sam Pulawski, at