Dance Marathon 2021:

We are so excited to bring our 26th annual Dance Marathon at FSU to YOU!


Dance Marathon at Florida State University is committed to providing a safe marathon experience for each of our participants. We will be hosting a hybrid marathon, where each of our participants can experience our marathon from the comfort of their own home or within their organization facility. Dance Marathon will take place within two shifts. The first shift, the Garnet Experience, will be 10 hours, beginning on March 5th at 10am and ending that evening at 9pm. The second shift, the Gold Tradition, will be 20 hours, beginning on March 6th at 3pm and ending on March 7th at 1pm. Our final Total Reveal will be hosted as a drive-in event in the Civic Center parking lot on March 7th.

You can participate in this year’s Dance Marathon by registering here. Make sure to follow our social media pages to stay up to date with all of the entertainment and exclusive offers that you will have access to throughout our marathon weekend.