Meet the External Team

August 6, 2017

This blog is the first of a five part series about the 2018 Executive Board. First up is the External Team! These miracle-makers work around the clock to spread the word about Dance Marathon at Florida State University through fun events, photography, videography, marketing campaigns and merchandise sales. Learn more about the individual members of this extraordinary group below.  




Kelly Miller, External Director


Explain your position in layman’s terms.


I oversee Marketing & Publicity, Merchandise, Technology and External Events for Dance Marathon at FSU. Essentially, my role is to equip these Chairs with the tools to succeed in their respective roles. Sometimes it's brainstorming an idea, helping troubleshoot a problem or giving my team advice when needed.



Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory.


One of my favorite memories from this past year was holding up the DM 2017 final reveal numbers with 20 of my best friends in front of 2,000 people - that was pretty incredible. It is definitely a memory I am going to cherish for a lifetime.



How has the transition been from External Events Chair to External Director? 


I would say the most significant difference between these two roles is navigating the transition from a hands-on role into a management role. Last year, you would find me inflating CMN balloons in the DM office before a Landis event, or lugging around 1,000 lbs of powder paint for FTKolor. Now I am advising the current External Events Chair, along with the rest of my team, on concept creation, planning and implementation. I love how this year my role as External Director provides me with another opportunity to  delve into a different side of Dance Marathon's internal team. I am really looking forward to further the development of my leadership and passion for DM at FSU through this role.


Since this will be your 4th year of involvement, what advice would you give to freshman year Kelly before her first Dance Marathon?


To enjoy the sleep exhaustion and sore muscles - Just remember this discomfort is minimal compared to the years of intimidating treatments and procedures some of our miracle children have gone through and will continue to go through.


To enjoy this time with members of your organization - Year after year, Dance Marathon unites the entire FSU community not only during our marathon weekend, but throughout the entire year. Even more so, DM provides other organizations with the opportunity to meet different members and bond with each other while supporting a great cause.


To realize the impact you're making - The money you are raising will be included in that total reveal number. The money you are raising will help fund vital research or new equipment for our beneficiaries. DM at FSU would not exist without its army of selfless and dedicated students. Whether you realize it or not, every individual who joins our movement is an agent of change within our community.





Asya Owens, External Events Chair



Explain your position in layman’s terms. 


As External Events Chair, I coordinate with different venues on and off campus to host events throughout the year to connect FSU students with the rest of the Dance Marathon community. 


Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory.


My favorite DM memory is the closing ceremonies of the marathon my freshman year. I had been to a collegiate Dance Marathon before, but there is something different about attending a marathon as compared to participating in one. There are no words to describe the feeling you get when standing in a room full of students who have worked all year to raise funds and awareness for so many children and their families. It did not matter what year you were, what your week was like, or how you got there, we were all one family standing together for a cause so much bigger than all of us. 


Imagine that you had the opportunity to plan the ultimate event, what would it be like?


I would want to have a fashion show for the kids. The goal of this event would be to make children feel like true celebrities. The event would be in partnership with celebrity designers who would fly in and create outfits for the show. The highest fundraisers and the Miracle Children would be the models in the show. I would hope that by the end of the night the Miracle Children would realize how much we all truly admire their strength and dedication.





Emily Castellano, Marketing & Publicity Chair



Explain your position in layman’s terms.


As the Marketing and Publicity Chair, I am responsible for being the liaison between the FSU community, the Tallahassee community and the organization itself. I spearhead all of the graphics, social media and marketing campaigns needed to inform  and engage the public.


Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory. 


I have fond memories from DM at FSU’s high school dance marathons. I remember walking into these schools and immediately being overwhelmed with the amount of love these students shared for the kids. They fueled my passion for this organization and what it stands for. I was able to meet some of the best people on Dance Marathon's internal team that I would have never been able to meet elsewhere. High school dance marathons are a great way to connect with your “why” and prepare for FSU's marathon.


As the Marketing & Publicity Chair, you oversee all of the social media campaigns. What is your favorite social media platform?


Every social media platform serves a different purpose, so I'm not able to choose. I like Snapchat because I am able to post without having to craft a social media image. I'm the most myself on that platform. Facebook is great to connect with family, friends and organizations. With Instagram, I really put thought into every post and am able to show my creativity. And Twitter always keeps me in the loop with what's going on in the world.



Regan Cruz, Merchandise Chair



Explain your position in layman’s terms.  


My position is responsible for designing, selling and distributing all merchandise for Dance Marathon at FSU 2018, in addition to developing an online store and coordinating online sales promotions.


Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory.   


My favorite DM memory was capturing the 2017 reveal live on our Facebook account as a Social Media Captain, and being able to share this incredible moment with our entire online audience. I was so overwhelmed with happiness when we held up our total reveal number and I remember running to find my team in tears because I was so proud of all of our hard work. To see an entire civic center of people be so overcome by emotion for our cause was truly an amazing sight and something that I will never forget.


What can you tell us about the merchandise for this year’s events and the Marathon?

This year, I am trying to continue to create merchandise that is fun, on trend and that our followers will want to wear year-round. Furthermore, my goal for this year’s merchandise is to reflect the development of DM at FSU’s brand on and off campus.  




Mark Young, Technology Chair




Explain your position in layman’s terms.


My team and I focus on photography, videography and website management.


Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory.


If I had to pick just one, I would have to say the total reveal. Each year when those numbers are raised, you just see everyone’s raw emotion. It was one of the reasons why I fell in love with this organization my freshman year. Seeing everyone erupt with happiness for something so selfless is really inspiring. This past year it meant even more to me, being on the Executive Board. These people I was standing with became some of my closest friends and I could not thank them enough for everything they had done for me and the kids.


Tell us the story behind your favorite photo that you’ve taken for Dance Marathon.


My favorite photo from DM was taken just after the 2017 reveal. We had just found out that we not only met our goal, but exceeded it by $130k. It really is quite the feeling when something you and your team have been working for day in and day out finally comes to fruition. I love this photo so much because it shows the love we have for each other and this organization. I love my DM family. 







The External Team is just one branch of our amazing Dance Marathon family. Stay tuned for the next entry which will spotlight our Dancer Relations Team. Interested in becoming a part of the External Team? Be on the lookout for Captain applications early fall semester! We will be looking to grow our Marketing & Publicity, Merchandise, External Events and Technology teams with eager, determined and inspired students! Feel free to direct any questions to


BONUS: What are the dates for Dance Marathon at Florida State University 2018?

Email your response to The first person to send in a correct response will receive a $5 DM donation! 

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