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FTKids on the Block

Dance Marathon at FSU took over Collegetown for our third-annual FTKids on the Block event!

This was the first event of the year where students and fundraisers were able to gather together and meet some of our miracle families. Not only did FTKids on the Block give participants the ability to meet the families directly affected by the money we raise throughout the year, but it was a time to celebrate our 25th year!

Selby Proctor, a Membership Coordinator for DM at FSU, stated, “I came to FTKids on the Block last year and couldn’t wait to come back this year. It was incredible to hear these miracle children tell their stories and hang out with them. Last year I was here with Kayla Mills and her mom and we had so much fun together.”

Dance Marathon at FSU filled Collegetown with a DJ, live performance by FSU's Big 8 Drumline, street games, merchandise stands, and so much more. It was a great opportunity for all those involved in DM to meet up and get to know one another.

Those who participated received a Madison Social T-Shirt and a free appetizer from Madison Social, Centrale, or Township.

Lee Morrison, fundraiser, said, “I heard about FTKids on the Block from the many social media posts on the DM at FSU pages. It made me really excited for the first event of the year and to kick off my own fundraising campaign.”

This event made everyone so excited for a year full of fundraising and bringing about awareness for those children suffering from pediatric awareness.

Be sure to follow our social media pages to stay up to date on all things Dance Marathon is up to!

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