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Child Health Day

In the United States, National Child Health Day occurs each year on the first Monday in October. The day recognizes the care and guidance children need to grow strong and healthy. Each child deserves to be the healthiest he or she can be. From the food they eat to the words they hear, children require support and opportunities to grow. Parents often worry about chronic disease, accidents or childhood illnesses. At the same time, they focus on a child’s mental health and general health. Whether it’s their environment, the food they eat or how much TV they watch, the day is an excellent opportunity to support the children in your life. 

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This year, Child Health Day took place on October 2nd. We celebrated by hanging out on Landis Green during the day with some fun games and activities. With this day aiming to raise awareness, we aimed to spread our cause through campus by being present within the student body. This year and every year, we will continue to fight and raise awareness for our Miracle Children and their stories.

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