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Miles 4 Miracles

Miles for Miracles is our third annual 5k hosted by Dance Marathon at Florida State University. This Event will take place January 20th, 2024! There will be a 1 mile or 5k option available for participants to run through FSU’s beautiful campus. We look forward to a possible partnership with you to bring this event to life!

Click below to buy tickets to our 2024 Event!!

January 20, 2024 @ 9 am


Participants joined us for our first ever Miles fo Miracles  on January 22nd at 9 am for the 5K across FSU to celebrate more birthdays, more hugs, and more cures! There is also a 1-mile option for those wanting to run, walk, or roll with us. After the race, we headed to Township to enjoy some Miracle Birthday Pancake Platters to celebrate!

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