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Florida Statement is a tradition at Dance Marathon at Florida State University that focuses on bringing awareness to our cause and making our statement here on campus. Our beneficiaries are at the forefront of our campus and our community. Our event takes place in November and spans 26.2 hours, symbolizing the length of a marathon. Every year, Florida Statement has a theme that we highlight and honor throughout the event. Statement is full of activities and programming, along with special appearances from our miracle families.

Florida Statement is a 26.2 hours fundraising push in which Dance Marathon at FSU invites the FSU campus and local community to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network and the FSU College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Program. Established in 2016, Statement is the biggest event of the fall and makes a huge impact on our year-long fundraising and awareness initiatives. 


Florida Statement 2023, Dance Marathon at FSU’s biggest event of the Fall, has come to a close. Statement is something that means so much to our organization and our goals. From November 14-15, we came together as one to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and leave our mark on the world. This Florida Statement, DM at FSU chose to bring awareness to Early Childhood Mental Health.


There is no stronger community than DMatFSU when we come together under a single cause. Annabelle Barnett noted that “being paired with Nicole has changed my life”. Seeing Nicole’s journey with Medulloblastoma inspires Annabelle every day. It is stories like these that keep all of us coming back every year. This organization is nothing short of a miracle and leaves a legacy that will last for years to come.


This year, we had a fun- filled 26.2 hours with activities like a dunk tank, fundraising bingo, and even Miracle Bowl, our flag football tournament. We started our Statement at 9am sharp and fundraised through the night until 11:12am the next morning. This is a huge undertaking for college students who also have other commitments. This just shows the level of dedication our members have to this cause. Our emcees hosted a hugely successful power hour that raised over 12k! We wrapped up the event with a focus hour in honor of Marshal Fisher. Franci Settineri, our Family Relations Chair, stated that “Marshal’s hope for progress in Medicine and his legacy that we are all on this Earth representing something bigger” is so inspiring. 


$301,519.89. What an incredible number. We want to thank every single person who donated, participated, or contributed in any way to this movement. You are the reason why year after year Florida Statement is so impactful and changes the lives of our miracle children. We are here to Fight For Today so that we can Dream For Tomorrow.

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