Meet Our 2022 Team

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Ev White Headshots (24).jpg

Evalee Mason

Executive Director


Blake Novack

Dancer Relations Director

Kiersan Cue Garnet Headshot (2).jpg

Kiersan Cue

Marathon Director

Jamison Lake White Headshot (9).jpg

Jamison Lake

Engagement Chair

Lindsay Wilson White Polos (4).jpg

Lindsay Wilson

Fundraising Development Chair

Madison Gillespie White Headshot (1).jpg

Madison Gillespie

Marathon Experience Chair

Sydney Fauss White Headshots (7).jpg

Sydney Fauss

Merchandise Chair

Amelia Pham Garnet Headshots (3).jpg

Amelia Pham

Parternership Chair

Sabrina White Headshots (6).jpg

Sabrina Mejia

External Director

Kyle Newsome Garnet Headshot (3).jpg

Kyle Newsome

Community Marathons Chair

Sam White Polo Headshots (18).jpg

Sam Meier

Family Relations Chair

Maddie Coffey White Headshots (8).jpg

Maddie Coffey

Hospitality Chair

Nnandi Jean-Francois Garnet Headshots (5).jpg

Nnandi Jean-Francois

Marketing & Publicity  Chair

Morgan Sawyer Garnet Headshots (7).jpg

Morgan Sawyer

Morale Chair


Jessica Burk

Finance Director


Zakari Kostzer

Creative Development Chair

Lauren Becker White Headshots (2).jpg

Lauren Becker

Finance Chair

Holly Jordan White Headshots (3).jpg

Holly Jordan

Information Technology Chair

Emily Hudson White Headshot (4).jpg

Emily Hudson

Membership Chair

Stephanie Brookeshire White Headshots (8).jpg

Stephanie Brookshire

Outreach Chair

Brooke White Polo Headshots (1).jpg

Brooke Hopfe

Recruitment Chair