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Executive Board Applications

We’re so excited to begin our 30th year! If you’re interested in applying for our Executive Board, we highly encourage you to come to your interview prepared with additional materials that includes the following information: recommendations for each aspect of the team you are applying for, any changes you would like to make, how you plan to structure roles within your team, and any other extra information you would like to share with us during your interview. We look forward to hearing from you!

Marathon Branch

Marathon Events Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is looking for a Marathon Events Chair that will be responsible for planning programming for main events throughout the duration of the year. They will ensure our Dancers have the best time at their shift with a variety of entertainment options, games, and performances while also making sure that the basic needs of the Marathon are met, such as water, trash, and other logistics. This should be a person who is organized, not afraid of hard work, can coordinate a variety of logistical details, and enjoys working under pressure. As the Marathon Events Chair, you are responsible for finding, booking, and coordinating different acts to showcase at DM. This needs to be someone dedicated to cultivating the dancer’s Marathon experience by organizing and planning interactive programming throughout the year as well as larger-scale activities at the event to keep dancers engaged for their twenty-hour shift while also being able to come up with smaller-scale activities in the Play Like A Kid area that will be available for our dancers throughout the entirety of our event at their leisure. This person also needs to be prepared for any changes that might occur throughout the year. Additionally, you will be working with your team at the marathon to ensure that basic logistical needs are met, this includes, but is not limited to: filling water jugs to hydrate our dancers, taking out trash, setting up barricades and tables, etc. This chair will be responsible for the Security & Risk Management Coordinator, which is a separate position that deals directly with FSUPD, FSU Medical Response Unit, and other safety agents that ensure our event runs as smoothly and safely as possible. The Marathon Events Chair will work underneath the Marathon Director.

Dancer Relations Branch

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair should be an inspiring, flexible, understanding, and compassionate individual who wants to lead an incredible group of new Delegates who will serve as the liaison between DM at FSU and their respective student organization on campus. The Membership Chair will be the face of DM to all of our Delegates and external organizations. They are responsible for keeping Delegates and their respective organizations informed, engaged, and excited throughout the year. This position aligns with our long-term vision of enhancing the overall experience for our dancers, participants, and event itself. The Membership Chair is also responsible for overseeing a group of 6+ Coordinators and 6+ Captains who help lead the Delegates throughout the year. The Membership Chair needs to fully understand what DM at FSU stands for and our goals for the new year in order to maximize the experience of every single person who invests their time, energy, and/or resources into Dance Marathon at FSU. This position will work closely with all other internal teams to make Year 30 the best year possible. The Membership Chair will work underneath the Dancer Relations Director.

Marketing Branch

Marketing and Publicity Chair

The Marketing and Publicity Chair leads our team in spreading awareness about Dance Marathon across our campus, our patient families, the greater Tallahassee community, and the state. This position will be responsible for managing and communicating our media relations, internal and external communications, and marketing events and pushes throughout the year. This position will work closely with all teams on the executive board to create a consistent and cohesive brand throughout the year that will help our organization maintain a positive image. This position involves working with the Marketing Director while leading the Marketing and Publicity team, consisting of the Public Relations Coordinator, the Marketing Coordinator,  the Social Media Coordinator, and Graphic Design Coordinators. The Marketing and Publicity chair must also be able to stay in line with strict deadlines in order to push content out in a timely manner. Along with timeliness, this Chair must be organized and detail-oriented in order to keep tasks in place. The Marketing and Publicity Chair will work directly under the Marketing Director. 

Finance Branch

Fundraising Development Chair

Dance Marathon at FSU is seeking a Fundraising Development Chair who understands the ins and outs of fundraising within this organization. This individual should have a good grasp on both internal and external fundraising communication, in efforts to better equip them with a plan, resources, and goal-tracking to strengthen any fundraising initiatives throughout the year. This individual should be creative, ready to collaborate, and eager to continue to transform this position into a direct resource for our Delegates, Leadership and Legacy teams (INL and Alumni), Internal teams, and Community Marathons. This Chair will work on creating, organizing, and executing new fundraising initiatives and campaigns, to help engage all registered fundraisers. They will also plan and implement fundraising incentives (i.e. milestones) throughout the year to help motivate individuals to reach their personal fundraising goals and beyond, as well as in-event initiatives to engage our community throughout the year at each of our events. This Chair will work with the Finance Director and will lead the Fundraising Development team, who will be responsible for shaping the way we approach fundraising as an organization, with both our internal and external members. 

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