Meet the External Team

This blog is the first of a five part series about the 2018 Executive Board. First up is the External Team! These miracle-makers work around the clock to spread the word about Dance Marathon at Florida State University through fun events, photography, videography, marketing campaigns and merchandise sales. Learn more about the individual members of this extraordinary group below.


Kelly Miller, External Director

Explain your position in layman’s terms.

I oversee Marketing & Publicity, Merchandise, Technology and External Events for Dance Marathon at FSU. Essentially, my role is to equip these Chairs with the tools to succeed in their respective roles. Sometimes it's brainstorming an idea, helping troubleshoot a problem or giving my team advice when needed.

Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory.

One of my favorite memories from this past year was holding up the DM 2017 final reveal numbers with 20 of my best friends in front of 2,000 people - that was pretty incredible. It is definitely a memory I am going to cherish for a lifetime.

How has the transition been from External Events Chair to External Director?

I would say the most significant difference between these two roles is navigating the transition from a hands-on role into a management role. Last year, you would find me inflating CMN balloons in the DM office before a Landis event, or lugging around 1,000 lbs of powder paint for FTKolor. Now I am advising the current External Events Chair, along with the rest of my team, on concept creation, planning and implementation. I love how this year my role as External Director provides me with another opportunity to delve into a different side of Dance Marathon's internal team. I am really looking forward to further the development of my leadership and passion for DM at FSU through this role.

Since this will be your 4th year of involvement, what advice would you give to freshman year Kelly before her first Dance Marathon?