Meet the Dancer Relations Team

Next up in our five-part series on the 2018 Executive Board is the Dancer Relations team! Even though this team is a new addition to Dance Marathon, the individual members have close ties to this movement and the people within it.


Niki Little, Dancer Relations Director

Explain your position in layman's terms.

As the Dancer Relations Director, my job is to make sure every student feels important, connected and included within this organization! I oversee four positions on our Executive Board: Membership, Recruitment, Morale and Outreach and with that, I ensure our dancers have the best and most exciting year-round experience with Dance Marathon at FSU.

Talk about your favorite Dance Marathon related memory.

My favorite memory took place at DM 2017, a couple of hours before lifting up the total reveal numbers of 1.83 million dollars with my fellow DM 2017 Exec members (had to mention it, because that’s definitely a close second). When I was at the Marathon, I walked over to our gong. The gong is something we bring back to our Marathon year after year symbolizing “the heartbeat of our Marathon.” Every time someone raises $100 in the Civic Center during the Marathon weekend, they hit the gong and everyone stops and cheers. The sound of the gong is another reminder of the miracles and changes we are making For The Kids. At one moment during the Marathon, I took out my headset walkie talkie, stood by myself and watched in silence as a huge line formed in front of the gong. One by one, students from across our campus lined up to sound another heartbeat of our marathon... another heartbeat for the parents who pray they won't hear any more bad news... another heartbeat for the strongest kids in the world, so deserving of a normal childhood. And I lost it. Wholeheartedly, I lost it. Staring at this insanely long line of students, looking around the room and seeing 1,000 students who were exhausted and hurting and yet were still fighting on… so many emotions overcame me and I couldn’t hold it together. I can't remember a time I ever felt that connected, confident and in love with this organization. I love this cause. I have thousands of memories that will last me a lifetime. But that moment, I truly don't think anything will ever top that.

How can dancers make the most out of their Dance Marathon experience year after year?

A lot of first-year dancers don’t realize that Dance Marathon is a year-long movement, not just a weekend-long event. To get the most out of this organization and to have the best dancer experience possible, throw yourself into it! I have always said that this is truly the best organization on Florida State’s campus and what you put into it is what you will get out of it. This organization is really just something that can't be put into words, but it is something you want to be apart of. It will motivate you, inspire you and introduce you to some really incredible people. You can make the most out of your DM experience year after year by talking to students who have participated before, asking questions, getting to know your morale captains, atte