Meet the Finance Team

Next up in our five-part series on the 2018 Executive Board is the Finance Team! From the first day of fundraising to total reveal, the members of this team work day and night to ensure all of our finances are in order!

Eric Massey, Finance Director

Explain your position in layman's terms.

My position oversees the Finance Team and manages the overall totals for the organization. My team and I are in charge of planning fundraising initiatives to help dancers and fundraisers meet their goals.

What is your favorite Dance Marathon related memory?

My favorite Dance Marathon memory happened in my freshman year. I was a dancer that year and during the closing ceremonies a father of one of the miracle children came up to me and thanked me for participating. The emotion in his eyes and words hit home with me. That’s what drives my 'why' to this day. I have never forgotten what Dance Marathon meant to that family.

What do you and your team do during the Marathon?

During the Marathon my team works in many different areas of the civic center. My team helps enhance the fundraising experience for our dancers and the marathon experience for our partners. Additionally, we keep track all of the money raised throughout the marathon weekend.

What words of advice would you offer to a first-year dancer who is nervous about fundraising?

My best advice for anyone who is nervous about fundraising is to just have fun with it. I often refer to fundraising as FUNdraising and try to embrace all the fun aspects of raising money for our beneficiaries. The more you have fun with raising money, the less it seems like a daunting task.