Meet the Marathon Team

The Marathon Team is making their mark! They work hard to make our Marathon a fun and memorable event for both dancers and miracle families. Find out more about the individual members of the team below!


Alexa Hirschfield, Marathon Director

Explain your position in layman's terms.

As Marathon Director, I am responsible for overseeing our Family Relations, Operations, Hospitality and Marathon Events team. As I help my team to coordinate, brainstorm and plan throughout the year for various events, the Marathon event in the Spring is also a huge component of my job. I am responsible for creating the timeline of our 40-hour event down to the minute. From opening ceremonies, to staging, to the logistics of who is speaking or performing at what time, I make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

What is your favorite Dance Marathon memory?

My favorite DM memory to date would have to be the total reveal from our 2017 Marathon. Before becoming Marathon Director this year, I worked as both a Captain and a Coordinator for our Family Relations team. Having spent a significant amount of time with these kids and their families, the bonds that have formed have been some of my most cherished relationships in my college career. This past year during total reveal, I had the privilege to sit on the stage with the miracle kids as our 2017 Executive Board held up the $1.83 million dollar total. When those numbers were lifted into the air, I looked next to me to see a huge smile across Powie Patterson’s face, one of our miracle kids. I then looked down to see Kristin Patterson, her mother, standing at the edge of the stage. Kristin looked at me with tears in her eyes and I think in that moment, I truly witnessed a life change.

What tips would you offer new dancers who are trying to make the most of their DM experience?

My tip would be to participate in everything we have to offer! Also, take the opportunity to make a new friend! I was able to bond with the women in my organization, but also made so many friends through the Dance Marathon internal team as well. Another tip would be to LEARN THE LINE DANCE. It's a lot harder to catch up if you don't learn it in the beginning and it ends up being a ton of fun to do with your friends especially during those hours where you're completely delusional.

If you could plan one Marathon event (i.e. theme hour, special performance) regardless of budget what would it be and why?