Fundraising During the Holidays

It is finally everyone’s favorite time of year! With the holiday season rolling in, it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of family, friends, traveling and gift-giving. However, the holidays are also a wonderful opportunity to reflect and give back to the community. Here are a few tips and tricks Dance Marathon at Florida State University has for you in order to keep up your fundraising during the season of giving!

1. Know your “Why” and don’t be afraid to share this with your friends and family.

Anyone who is a part of this organization knows that passion for Dance Marathon at FSU is contagious. Being able to show this passion through your “why” and share it with the people around you during the holidays is the easiest way to gain support during your fundraising efforts.

As you tell others how DM at FSU directly helps so many people in the community and personally impacts you, it will feel less like asking for money and more like explaining why they should support this cause. As Niki Little, one of our top fundraisers, explains, “I always start with my "why" when asking for donations. People join people; people love seeing others' passion. I find it super helpful to always ensure that my donors know exactly what my role is within DM, what their money is going towards, and why their generosity is so appreciated.”

Plus, it’s a great subject change for the inevitable questions about your relationship status and what you’re doing after college.

2. Figure out which outlet works best for you.