Miracle Milestones

Dance Marathon at Florida State University 2018 is around the corner! With that in mind, we’d like to share some of our Miracle Milestones to show you the cool things you can experience after you reach the minimum and beyond.


$300 - Invitation to the Marathon

Congratulations! If you raise $300, you’ll be invited to Dance Marathon at FSU 2018. During one 20-hour shift, you’ll stand in honor of the kids who can’t.

$500 - Full points for organization

Reaching this milestone means that your participation during the Marathon will count as points towards your organization’s total, and every point counts when you’re on the road to Totum Victorium. This phrase translates from Latin as “Total Victory” and is awarded to organizations who have 100% of the members fundraising on Donor Drive. Dancers will also get to experience FTKamping; a new, immersive experience that allows participants to sit and enjoy the great outdoors, indoors.

$800 - 30 minutes of sitting yoga

Standing for 20 hours can make you lose your zen. At this milestone, you’ll be able to participate in a sitting yoga session and engage in some purposeful relaxation.

$1,000 - Comma Club

At this level, you become a member of the Comma Club! As one of the best groups on the block, membership includes a shirt and the power to motivate your friends to “hit comma” during the Marathon.

$1,500 - 20 minutes in a La-Z-Boy, fast pass in food line