Meet the Finance Team

Now that we’ve hit the ground running with Dance Marathon 2019, let’s meet some of the people that help make the miracles happen. First up: the Finance Team!


What is your position in Dance Marathon 2019?

As the Finance Director, I oversee the Fundraising, Finance, Merchandise, and High School Programs teams. I handle all finance-related initiatives of the organization, work in a collaborative manner to foster the financial success of the organization, and work with my teams to bring DM at FSU to new financial heights by providing tools and knowledge to help them succeed. Sometimes I help my team brainstorm new fundraising initiatives and potential new merchandise, and help execute our seven+ mini-marathons. It isn't just about counting money! Finance is quite fun!

What is your favorite DM memory?

DM is an experience that truly has made Florida State feel like home for me. It has shown me the personal impact I can make, and importantly, the impact we can make as a collective community on the lives of thousands. My favorite memory would be the end of my first shift when I was an Operations Captain for DM 2017. It was my first DM and all I remember how emotional I felt when they revealed our final total. My feet were absolutely aching after standing for 20+ hours, but it did not matter. It was then when I realized the impact we all have, regardless of background, status, or position and how meaningful it is to get involved. It was a life-changing experience!

What is your goal/what do you hope to gain from DM this year?

I plan to continue and encourage the transition of making Finance more focused on data management and analysis. One of these goals among many includes working with the entire Executive Board to recognize trends in fundraising while giving each participant a more unique and exciting fundraising experience and encouraging and fostering growth. Personally, I hope to grow myself as a leader and continue to grow my passion and love for this organization!

If you had one piece of advice for anyone looking to get involved with DM, what would it be?

Before I transferred to FSU, the university I transferred from had a Dance Marathon program, however, I never got involved. It was a major regret of mine. As cliche and corny as it may sound, it's the absolute truth - Dance Marathon is life-changing - for our families, the kids, and for each person involved in this movement. I would not be the same person I am today if it were not for Dance Marathon, and I encourage everyone who is looking to get involved or hesitant about it to take the first step. We have so many ways to be involved and I encourage everyone to find their 'Why'. I was so nervous to attend the Captains Meet & Greet that was held in that Fall, but I am so happy I took the first step and said 'yes'.