Dancer Registration FAQ

Now is your chance to stand up for those who can't; Dancer Registration is open! Those interested in attending the Marathon in March must register as a Dancer.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

My DonorDrive is up and running, do I still need to register to dance?

YES (and congratulations on getting started on your DonorDrive)! At the moment, all participants with active DonorDrives are registered only as Fundraisers, not Dancers.

What’s the difference between Dancers and Fundraisers?

Fundraisers raise money throughout the year, but do not dance at Dance Marathon 2019. This is highly encouraged for those who will not be in Tallahassee for the Marathon or want to participate at the Marathon as a volunteer or a guest.

Dancers have the opportunity to experience our year-long movement and attend the culminating event in March. Those interested in joining the cause must register to fundraise and dance.

How do I register to dance?

1) Visit and click 'Register to be a Dancer'

2) Click 'Buy Tickets!'