Meet the Marathon Team

Ever wonder how we make the Marathon magic happen? Meet the people that make sure we have it all together: the Marathon Team.


What is your position in Dance Marathon 2019?

I serve as the Marathon Director which entails overseeing the production of our annual 40 hour long event in addition to working with our Family Relations team.

What is your favorite DM memory?

My favorite DM memory is when I was an Operations Coordinator in 2017 and one of the fundraising walls had come down. It was the middle of the night and the lights were off because a video was playing -- all of a sudden we just hear this huge rip sound and everyone was scrambling. I remember just jumping into action. There were people holding their phone flashlights up and using brooms that custodians brought over so we could try and hold it up. There was this moment when I was perched on the very edge of the scissor lift, 20 feet in the air, with some people holding me steady while I went crazy duct taping it to get it fixed as fast as possible. It was when I realized I loved Operations and more than that, I loved the thrill and the energy of so many people being in the same place working towards the same cause. There is no feeling that compares to being in the basement of the Civic Center with Florida State's most passionate people.

What is your goal/what do you hope to gain from DM this year?

My goal for the Marathon this year is to create a Dancer focused event that prioritizes inclusion and the celebration of everyone's efforts all year long. This includes our Dancers, Internal Members, Families, University, etc. The Marathon is this cool thing that belongs to all of us and is a time to come together and really celebrate being a part of something magical. In terms of event details, we have a lot of cool and new things coming. Returners can expect the Marathon itself to look a little different, new entertainment, better incentives for Dancers, and overall, a more integrated and enhanced experience for our participants.

Give us an insight into your ultimate dream event.

My dream event would have attention to detail comparable to Disney, a performance lineup that rivaled Coachella, and an endless supply of Chick-fil-A nuggets. Realistically, my dream for this marathon WILL definitely pay more attention to detail and some brand new entertainment - stay tuned on the Chick-fil-A, but rest assured that our Hospitality Team already has an insane menu set for our hungry dancers!


What is your position in Dance Marathon 2019?