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High School Dance Marathons

Most of us learn to love the spirit of Dance Marathon in our college years. But for some, the miracles begin well beforehand.

For years, high schools around the local Tallahassee area have executed their very own Dance Marathons, helping DM at FSU reach our goals annually. This year, we look forward to Marathons at Lincoln, Florida High, John Paul II, Leon, Chiles, Maclay and Rickards with even middle school Marathons hosted by Maclay, Florida High, Chiles, Lincoln and John Paul II.

Similar to DM at FSU, Marathons are run by their own executive boards of students. These individuals work extremely hard throughout the year in order to put on an event in the spring that contributes to the goals of DM at FSU. With events like dancer registration rallies, bake sales, share-it nights, and festivals, our local high schools allow students to get as involved as possible.

At the end of each Marathon, it only becomes clearer how integral High School Dance Marathons are to our organization. Leon High school has raised more than $59,000 in the past three years. Within this same time span, Chiles and Maclay have raised around $46,000 each. In just two years, FSUS raised over $26,000 with Lincoln raising around $20,000. JPII has put on marathons for four years now and has raised over $20,000. Rickards has participated for two years and has contributed over $11,000.

High School Dance Marathon season begins on the first of February and continues for the rest of the month. For college students, high school marathons are a great way to experience the spirit of the Marathon weeks before our own.

DM at FSU is eternally grateful to our local high school for reminding us every day of the significance and importance of community.

Year after year, they continue to inspire us with their never ending dedication and passion For The Kids.

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