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Minimums Week

It’s minimums week! From Monday, February 18th to Friday, February 22nd, participants have their last chance to meet the fundraising goal of $300 in order to receive an invite to the Marathon and #BeTheNext Dancer.

With just three more days to reach minimums, here are a few ideas on how to get those last few donations to get you to the Marathon:

  1. Bake sale: Make your favorite chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cake and sell them to people in your organization, residence hall, or friends.

  2. Closet clean out: Sell clothing items or decor to friends or take them to a second-hand store like Plato’s Closet with the proceeds going to your DonorDrive!

  3. Friend dinner night: Cook dinner for friends for a donation in return. Friends, food and DM… what could be better?

  4. FTKab: Offer to be an Uber for the night for your friends.

  5. Social media polls/graphics: Post on your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat and make the posts interactive. By tagging people or giving them a shoutout, they are more likely to participate.

  6. Venmo request: Send a .50 or $1 request to your Venmo contacts, tell them how close you are to your minimum!

  7. Reach out to family members, family friends and old teachers: Find the best way to reach out to these people. Whether it’s email, facebook messenger or handwritten letters, let them know why you’re #FTK.

  8. Crazy dares: Offer to dye your hair, dance in front of your class, or do something crazy if you reach your goal!

  9. Use your talent: Snap photos of your friends, sell handmade jewelry… use your talents to get some donations!

  10. Post throwback photos: Post a childhood photo for every donation you get. You can spice it up by posting the most embarrassing pictures or post your happiest moments from when you were a kid.

We believe in you, FSU. Make your minimums, maximize those miracles, and meet us at the Marathon. We can’t wait to see you in just a few more days!


If you have any questions regarding Minimums Week, feel free to contact your delegate, team representative, or

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