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2019 Theme Hours

The time has come for one of the most well-loved features of the Marathon-- theme hours. With high spirits and endless possibilities, the 2019 themes are sure to make your 20 hours at the Marathon the most memorable ones yet.

#BeTheNext: This hour will be spent paying tribute to our childhood dreams! Dress up as the job you wanted when you were a kid or what you want to do when you’re older. Break out the aprons, scrubs, firefighter gear... this theme allows us to reflect back on our childhoods as we fight for our miracle children and their chances to #BeTheNext.

Dance Dance Revolution: We’re throwing it back to 1995 with our 90’s themed hour. In honor of 24 years of DM at FSU, wear your favorite jean jackets, flannel, and converse and bust out your best Dance Dance Revolution moves!

dMTV: Lights, Camera, Action! Use this hour to dress up as your favorite TV or movie character. This highlights the opportunities Shands provides for our Miracle Families to rent movies and make their in-hospital stays a little more bearable. Dress as an individual character or squad up with your friends!

DM Miracle Bowl: Our spirit is high and we’re fighting for our team! Paint your face and wear your favorite team’s jersey this hour to represent the fight the Kids make every day. These kids are champions just like your favorite team, and this hour, we celebrate their strength.

Party in the Safari: It’s like Madagascar, but bigger. Dress up as animals, an explorer, or bring out the animal print. Party in the Safari is our family theme, so let’s bring the jungle to Dance Marathon. This is what leads us into Rave Hour, so lets come together and party like animals!

Pack your bags, Dance Marathon 2019 is right around the corner. Come ready for theme hours and come ready to make Miracles. We’ll see you in just 8 more days!

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