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Statement Recap

Florida Statement, Dance Marathon at FSU’s biggest fundraiser for the Fall, has come to an end, and it is safe to say miracles were made! Statement is something we look forward to each year because it truly displays what DM at FSU is all about and the power we hold when we come together as an organization, a community and a family. On November 8th and 9th of 2021, we completed DM at FSU’s first Florida Statement back in person since the start of COVID-19. During this time last year, Landis Green was much quieter as we were in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and were forced to move our events online for the fundraising push to be completed virtually. This year our organization was so excited to finally be back on Landis Green to host our 26.2 hour fundraiser and make our Statement, No Matter What!

Throughout the first day, students from our external and internal teams gathered on Landis Green to host events to recruit more dancers and raise awareness and funds with the hopes of exceeding our fundraising goal of $404,000. We started making our Statement by meeting at Landis Green at 9:00 am and having our morning coffee together. Throughout the day, there were events like Hearts and Crafts, DM Dares, and a share-it at Tally Mack Shack where participants indulged in mac ‘n cheese while raising money for our miracle children! In the afternoon, DM at FSU’s EmCees hosted Power Hour to get dancers excited to keep fundraising while having a blast. Later, we gathered at different organizations on campus for Gong on Tour, where we brought our iconic gong to chapter facilities and other organizations on campus. Participants would Hit The Gong (HTG!) for every $25 they raised throughout the day. At the end of the first day, we all gathered as a community for our Vigil to honor our incredible miracle children. Following that was our Comma Club Ceremony where students who reached the Comma Club milestone (raising $1,000) were acknowledged and celebrated for the amazing accomplishment. We concluded the first day with DM After Dark which included axe-throwing, painting with our miracle families, food trucks, and more.

On day two of Florida Statement, participants arrived on Landis Green around 9:00 am to start their day off right with a workout class. Teams finished making their Statement by fundraising as much as possible throughout those last few hours until 11:12 am. Finally, a little after noon, Dance Marathon at FSU’s Executive Board gathered in front of Landis Hall to announce the total amount raised over the past 26.2 hours. The total reveal, held in person and streamed virtually on Instagram and Facebook, announced that in 26.2 hours, Dance Marathon at FSU had collectively raised $431,910.40 For The Kids, exceeding our goal of $404,000!

Every single person who donated, helped out, or contributed in any way to our cause is the reason why we do what we do. We have made it through the toughest of times and have come out stronger, and we will always show up together, No Matter What, to help and fight for the children with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Florida Statement 2021 was a great example of how our organization will always show up For The Kids, No Matter What!



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