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Captain Applications

Marathon Branch

Marathon Events

The Marathon Events Team coordinates performances and activities to keep dancers entertained, and they are responsible for the logistical execution of Marathon Weekend! These captains show an interest in event planning and project management. Marathon Events Captains work throughout the year to come up with creative and innovative ideas that will enhance the overall dancer experience by researching and coordinating different entertainment acts to showcase at the event, as well as plan and organize other games/activities for the dancers to participate in. Along with executing entertainment ideas, these captains help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the dancers. They will work alongside our team to come up with the layout and assist with the timeline that the entire event adheres to. Finally, they help ensure that the Marathon is running smoothly at all times! A Marathon Events Captain is fast-thinking, innovative, and creative! 


The 2024 Marathon Events Chair is Savannah Hartje,

External Branch

Media Productions

Media Productions Captains take pictures and capture video content at Dance Marathon events throughout the year! In addition, these captains get the opportunity to learn the inner workings of Dance Marathon. They are present at events to document the activities for our photography and videography projects. The Media Productions Captains get real-life experience as a photographer and/or videographer. In addition, they are able to learn and deepen their photography, editing, and videography skills, all while taking creative challenges and documenting our 29th year!


The 2024 Media Productions Chair is Ashlee Brown, 

Dancer Relations Branch


Recruitment Captains help recruit the best dancers, organizations, and volunteers that DM has ever seen! They are the face of Dance Marathon while helping to facilitate various virtual recruitment efforts, working with Team Miracle, and connecting with new organizations that are looking to join our program. They have strong cause-connection and are willing and able to tell others about their DM at FSU experience. The Recruitment Captains are able to fully understand what Dance Marathon is and where we are headed in order to connect empowered people to our cause in an innovative way! 


The Year 29 Recruitment Chair is Gilian Stabenau,

Finance Branch

Fundraising Development

DM at FSU Fundraising Development Captains are creative, passionate, and outgoing: they put the fun in fundraising! In this position, captains assist with the creation of fundraising efforts within DM at FSU as an organization through facilitating yearlong fundraising on our campus and within our local high schools and middle schools. These Captains also work closely with the Fundraising Development Chair, coordinators and the rest of the Executive Board to create and implement new and innovative fundraising initiatives to transform this team into a resource for our Delegate and Leadership & Legacy programs. The Fundraising Development Team does this by creating themed campaigns, providing physical support as needed for monthly fundraising pushes, and providing encouragement to dancers and participants at the event and throughout the year. FD Captains also motivate individual dancers, fundraisers, and organizations to fundraise using new and creative ideas, tips, and tricks to help them reach their highest fundraising potential! 


The 2024 Fundraising Development Chair is Leah Natkin,

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