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Dream For Tomorrow

Dream For Tomorrow. There is so much meaning behind such a short statement. It represents everything DM at FSU has done, is doing, and will ever do. No matter what, we will always Dream For Tomorrow.

Since the first time our dancers walked into the Tully Gymnasium, to now hosting our marathon in the Civic Center, we have been dreaming of the day when we no longer need to dance. From our first year raising $19,001.37 through last year raising a whopping $1,308,578.28, our cause has always been the center of our organization. We have officially raised over $20 million for our beneficiaries and we will not stop there.

For 29 years, we have dreamed for more hugs, more birthdays, and more cures. We have dreamed for a day where no child has to fight these battles. And we have dreamed for no parent to have to wonder what tomorrow holds. These dreams are what motivate us to fight each and every day.

As an organization, we promise to inspire and engage every dancer, donor, partner, community member, and internal participant to unite as one to fight for these dreams. And we will never stop until these dreams become a reality.

This is why we chose Dream For Tomorrow to encompass everything our organization does and to signify our movement for the year.



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