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Leaving Our Legacy: Seniors of DM at FSU

As our 28th year comes to a close, we took the opportunity to speak with some of our DM superstars graduating this year. When we asked what DM meant to him, four year participant Kyle Newsome had a heartwarming response. “DM means fighting for something bigger than us; it means the ability to fight for kids, to have more birthdays, for them to graduate college, and to eventually put an end to pediatric illness. But, for right now, it means fighting for people who do not have anyone else fighting for them.“ Kyle’s advice to future dancers is to make the most of it, get here, participate in everything, and make every minute count. He said, “As somebody who is about to finish their last marathon this year, soak in every single moment because you will be so sad when it's gone.”

Senior Olivia Moreschi reflected on her past four years as a dancer with gratitude. She describes DM as “the best environment ever” and emphasized how grateful she is to have been a part of it. Olivia explained that what kept her coming back was seeing how all of her efforts directly help the families and their children, how much it means to them, and how much it truly changes their lives. Olivia won this year's Holly Cummins Award, which is given out annually to a fourth-year dancer that embodies what it means to be for the kids.

When asked how she will leave her legacy on DM at FSU, senior Britney LaBorde smiled. As the 2023 Family Relations Chair, she directly saw the first-hand impact DM at FSU has on our Miracle Families. She says her legacy is left through the Miracle Families, by making a difference in the lives of Miracle Children, and by ensuring no kid fights alone.

While we will miss our seniors terribly, we are so proud of all you have accomplished in the past four years. We love you and appreciate your unwavering commitment to our cause. You are welcomed with open arms to our alumni team, Team Marshal. We have faith in knowing you will always hold DM at FSU in a special place in your heart.



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