Where Do I Start to Become a Dancer?

The time of year has come and our registration drive is going on now. It is a phenomenal time to set yourself up to be a part of our 27th year! Registering as a dancer means you are able to attend our Marathon taking place March 4-6th, 2022. It also opens you to participate in either our 10 hour shift or our 20 hour shift, as well as the chance to receive perks exclusive to our dancers!

What does it mean to be a dancer?

Dancers are the participants who have paid their $25 ticket and raised over $250 on their DonorDrive accounts. (If you are unsure of what DonorDrive is, click here!) You can register to become a dancer before worrying about the $250 commitment, but our dancers bring the energy during our event and help keep the room alive as we raise the money for the kids who need it most!

So, can I fundraise and not be a dancer?

Yes! By signing up to raise money for our total, you are not committing to dance at our event. You are just adding money to our total! By raising $250, you have the opportunity to dance at our event though! It is up to you is whether you show us your amazing moves or not!

How do I create a fundraising page?

  1. You can register on this website by clicking the link “Create your fundraising page” on dmfsu.org.

  2. You can join a team of an organization you are in on campus, or join Team Miracle!

  3. Pay the $25