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Year 27 BEGINS!

What is Donor Drive?

Donor Drive is the platform we use in order to receive donations yearlong.

On this website you can customize your profile, check your current contribution as well as your team page, and complete milestones in your fundraising efforts.

One of the special parts of donor drive is that you can customize your page with photos and include your “why” for the reasons you support Dance Marathon. It is also easy and fast to connect your Donor Drive with your Facebook page in order to receive support and encouragement with all your Facebook friends!

How do you register to make a fundraising page?

DonorDrive makes it easy to start creating miracles for the children of Shands Children’s Hospital:

  1. Click this link

  2. Click "Register Now"

  3. Select the team for the organization you are affiliated with or join Team Miracle

*Team Miracle is a group of dancers that does not have a registered student organization involved. This team will be led by a delegate and the recruitment team and is a great chance to meet new people!

4. Enter your information to DonorDrive and create your profile

5. Once registered, you will receive an email with the link to your page which you can customize, share, and of course fundraise!

If you need any assistance, follow the tutorial on our Instagram (under the "Tutorials" highlight on our profile) for more instructions

So, what’s next after I create my page?

Although our marathon isn’t until spring, we encourage our fundraisers to start to brainstorm ways to fundraise and reach out to donors in order to begin their fundraising journey.

Make sure to keep connected with DM at FSU over summer on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and our website in order to hear about our upcoming fundraising pushes and opportunities to get involved over summer!

Dancer Registration will begin in the fall and if you register to dance and hit Dancer Commitment ($250) you will be invited to our Marathon in the spring which will involve meeting Miracle families, participating in events, and of course DANCING!

We can’t wait to see what Year 27 has in store for our organization and the many miracles we will create for the families of Shands Children’s Hospital and the FSU College of Medicine’s Pediatric Outreach Programs!



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