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DonorDrive 101

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; fundraising for Dance Marathon at FSU 2019 is officially underway! Before we hit the ground running, let’s get a little more acquainted with DonorDrive.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is DonorDrive?

Dance Marathon at FSU utilizes DonorDrive as a way to keep track of individual and group fundraising totals. This online portal lets fundraisers raise money for Dance Marathon which benefits our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital, Shands Children’s Hospital and FSU’s College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Programs in Gadsden county. By setting up your personal account, you’ll have access to your personal page and team’s page.

What’s the difference between signing up as a dancer and signing up as a fundraiser?

Fundraisers raise money throughout the year, but do not dance at Dance Marathon 2019. This is highly encouraged for those who will not be in Tallahassee for the Marathon or want to participate at the Marathon as a volunteer or a guest.

Dancers have the opportunity to experience our year-long movement and attend the culminating event. Those interested in joining the cause must register to fundraise and dance.

What team do I join?

Dance Marathon is incredibly fortunate to receive the enthusiasm and support of many of our student organizations. Ask your organization’s Delegate to find out what team you are dedicated to this year!

Not a part of a participating organization? Not interested in dancing with your organization at the event? Join Team Miracle! Each year, Team Miracle is comprised of passionate and hard-working individuals who have taken it upon themselves to fight for our cause.

How do I secure a spot as a dancer at Dance Marathon 2019?

After creating your DonorDrive account to fundraise as a dancer, you must also register to dance; dancer registration opens once in the fall and once in the spring and has a $25 fee. However, an invitation to the Marathon is only guaranteed once a dancer reaches the $300 fundraising minimum. Register to fundraise as early as possible to maximize fundraising, and look out for fundraising tips and tricks on the DM blog and social media accounts!

I made my fundraising page, now what?

FUNDRAISING BEGINS! Send your fundraising links to your parents, siblings, extended family, neighbors, former teachers, current professors… anybody you can think of. Let your Facebook friends know why you DM via Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, and even Snapchat and Instagram stories. Venmo request your entire contacts list, every cent counts. DonorDrive provides an amazing email template that allows you to send a donation request to as many emails you can get a hold of. The fundraising tab of website also serves as a great resource for you to gain valuable tips on how to fundraise.

For any more questions, please email

For clarifications on registering to fundraise, watch the video below:

Fundraising is not a piece of cake, but time and time again, we at Dance Marathon at FSU have proven that it’s not only possible to reach your goals, it’s more than possible to blow them out of the park. All of us here at DM at FSU along with our miracle children believe in you!

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