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Goal Release 2018

Last month, Dance Marathon at Florida State University announced its 2018 fundraising goal. $2,000,000. This has been a year full of unforeseen circumstances. Yet each and every time this community is met with a challenge, it manages to push through, persevere, and rise up stronger than it was before. Thus, this goal is more than a mere number. It is the representation of what we are capable of if we all work together.

Dance Marathon at FSU is challenging every student to take part in this monumental goal. Whether it is participating as a fundraiser, dancer, donor or volunteer - there is a place within this organization for everyone that wants one. DM at FSU hopes that by the uniting the campus, the student body can make a statement that is louder and more powerful than any statement we have made in the past. It is truly #Up2Us to be the change agents in our community. Watch our 2018 goal release video here If you’re interested in registering to volunteer, or to learn more about how you can take part in making strides towards our biggest goal yet, please visit our website

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