Theme Hours 2018

Theme hours are one of the biggest highlights of the Marathon here at Florida State University. With funky costumes and high spirits, all dancers are able to participate in these hours in order to earn points for their team and keep the morale up throughout their 20-hour shift. This year’s theme hours are sure to bring out the creative side of every dancer, so don’t be afraid to go all out for the kids! Here are each of the theme hours, along with a few ideas to spark your excitement and help you prepare all your fun outfits for this weekend.

1. Ski Lodge

Just because we live in Florida doesn’t mean we can’t rock some winter gear! Get ready to break out your favorite winter hats, scarves and booties for this theme hour. With the recent Winter Olympics, it shouldn’t be hard to find some inspiration for this outfit. Channel your inner Shaun White and dress like you’re going for gold.

2. Color Wars

This fun, interactive theme hour is one we are very excited to have. At the Marathon, all the dancers will be put into different teams and assigned a certain color. Each of the color teams will compete against each other in one giant game of capture the flag! This means it’s time to get colorful. Anything from colored socks and tutus to wigs and paint face can be worn in order to rep your team and win the game. There will be a few fundraising incentives for the color teams as well, so be sure to get all decked out in colors for the kids.

3. Hawaiian

Get ready to say Aloha to some miracles as we hula our way into this theme hour. Any vacation attire or tacky tourist outfits will