Survival Guide

Dance Marathon at FSU 2018 is quickly approaching and the time has come to start preparing for the big weekend. Twenty hours awake and on your feet can sound pretty intimidating, but there is no need to worry. With the right gear and attitude in mind, the marathon will be an enjoyable, humbling experience that will leave you with much more than sore feet. Here are some of the essentials every dancer should have on hand when walking into the Marathon in March.

1. The Essentials: Snacks, Water, Medicine, and Money!

These four things will be the most crucial items you will pack that day. They may seem like obvious necessities, but you must remember that you will need enough of these items to span twenty hours. Due to the chaotic atmosphere of the Marathon, many dancers forget to eat or drink regularly. However, eating and hydrating is vital in order to keep your body awake and happy. Healthy snacks such as granola bars and fruit are great for a boost of energy during the drowsy, late night hours. However, don’t forget to reward yourself every so often with your favorite candy! A reusable water bottle is an awesome way to stay hydrated at all times and differentiate your bottle from everyone elses’. As for medicine, it is always beneficial to keep some handy for any headaches or sore muscles that may come your way. Last but not least, a little extra money can go a long way. Whether you want to purchase some of our hip Marathon merchandise or call a friend for a quick coffee run, you cannot go wrong with some extra cash in your pocket.

2. Happy Feet: Tennis Balls, a Change of Shoes, and a Change of Socks

We won’t sugarcoat it; Your feet will eventually start to hurt. When your feet begin to feel sore or tired, these three items will become your best friends. A tennis ball is an inexpensive and effective way to roll out any cramps in your feet. Bring one for yourself and perhaps a few for your friends! After your feet have been revived and relaxed, nothing feels better than slipping into a different pair of shoes. When you are standing in the same of shoes and socks for a long period, they begin to feel worn and uncomfortable. Bringing multiple pairs of shoes and socks will allow you to change them periodically throughout the Marathon and will act as a pick me up every few hours. Be sure to pack all of your favorite tennis shoes, slippers, and fuzzy socks!

3. Friends!

This one may sound odd, but it is true. If you have a few friends with a different dance shift or some who aren’t participating in the Marathon, ask them to bring you a snack or drink. There is no better motivation to power though the last few hours than an iced coffee or a fresh, warm breakfast. Also, it will give you a friendly face to cheer you on!

4. Portable Charger