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Marshal's Statement

Year after year, Dance Marathon at FSU seeks to make its Statement. On this day, November 13th, 2018, we are determined to honor the life of Marshal Fisher with Marshal’s Statement: a pledge to raise $335,000 in 26.2 hours, symbolic of the 335 children in the US, like Marshal, diagnosed with osteosarcoma annually.

At 9 A.M., the fundraising begins! From 9 A.M. to 5 P.M, Marshal’s Carnival can be found on Landis Green. Marshal’s Carnival will feature carnival games, flash mobs, a Lego wall, and of course, a gong, which has served as the heartbeat of our organization and will continue to serve as the motivator for Marshal’s Statement. For every $100, participants will be able to Hit The Gong in honor of Marshal. Every $25 raised will earn participants a lego block to contribute to our #HTG Lego wall. From 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. in our HQ Room located in the State Ballrooms, participants are able to enjoy a photo booth, hear Miracle Stories, contribute to Bucket of Miracles, and learn valuable skills at the Fundraising Workshop. From 8 A.M.-5 P.M., members of Dance Marathon at FSU will be present throughout various campus locations to engage the student body and participate in a canning fundraising push.

At 5:30 P.M., the HQ room will also feature the Circle of Hope ceremony, where participants can hear Miracle Stories told by our very own Miracle Families, commemorate those in comma club with banding and t-shirts, and celebrate all of the miracles we’ve made so far.

Looking for some food with those Miracles? Share-Its are available from 9 A.M.-12 P.M. at Brooklyn Water Bagel, 12 P.M.-3 P.M. at Mr. Roboto’s and Moe’s, and 5:30 P.M.-8:30 P.M. at Zoe’s Kitchen and Blaze Pizza. On Wednesday, November 14th from 9 A.M.-12 P.M., enjoy a Share-It at Good Berry to start your day!

In celebration of Marshal’s Statement, DM at FSU encourages its participants to reach personal goals of $125. We are ecstatic to announce this year’s Miracle Milestones to represent our gratitude to our participants at the Marathon for their many contributions to our movement.

Marshal leaves behind a legacy that has forever changed Dance Marathon; his message to “Hit That Gong” rings everlasting throughout our movement. From 9AM on Tuesday, November 13th to 11:12 AM on Wednesday, November 14th, Dance Marathon at FSU challenges you to use your voice and make your Statement.

For The Kids. For Marshal.

For any questions regarding Marshal’s Statement, please contact Emily Castellano at

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