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100 Day Countdown, 100 Reasons To Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving season, Dance Marathon at FSU has found plenty of reasons to be thankful. With only 100 days left until the Marathon, we set out to list 100 of the infinite reasons we are thankful for DM every day.

  1. Celebrating holidays outside the hospital walls

  2. Giving me a family I did not know I needed

  3. Helping create a better world

  4. Connecting me with other passionate leaders that inspire others daily

  5. Giving me the biggest support system on campus

  6. Getting to collaborate with hundreds of like-minded student leaders across the nation

  7. Getting to connect and create relationships with miracle families

  8. Ability to give back to our local community in the Big Bend area through FSU’s College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach programs

  9. Uncovering a passion for children I didn’t know I had

  10. Introducing me to the most driven students on campus

  11. Helping me decide what I want to spend my future doing — helping children with pediatric illness

  12. Gaining knowledge about different pediatric illnesses

  13. Being able to provide support and love to the miracle families

  14. Allowing me to grow in my leadership skills

  15. Giving me the drive to go the extra mile in life

  16. Reminding me to be kind to everyone because you never know what someone else is going through

  17. Helping create a support system and a community for so many people on our campus

  18. Showing us that family isn’t only in your blood, it is who you surround yourself with

  19. Giving us a deeper connection to the kids and families who need our support the most

  20. Being proof that young people can make a difference

  21. All of the milestone moments that lead to the biggest one

  22. The chance to get to work alongside some awesome leaders and grow as a leader myself

  23. ‘Whys’ that are ever-changing

  24. Students who decided to get involved with DM for the first time this year

  25. Students who continue to come back to this cause year after year

  1. Being able to feel the impact of our efforts right in our own backyard

  2. More birthdays

  3. Reminding me the importance of the word ‘Hope’

  4. Having the ability to #DoMore because it is #UpToUs to #BeTheNext miracle-makers

  5. Being a part of the most welcoming community on campus

  6. More laughs

  7. Being Powie and Aubrey’s pony and galloping across the floor of the Civic Center

  8. Realizing what we all are truly capable of

  9. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves

  10. Creating meaningful friendships

  11. Being able to give back to such an amazing cause

  12. Watching incredible miracle makers hit the gong at the marathon

  13. More memories to look back upon

  14. Meeting the miracles families and building a relationship with them

  15. Playing dinosaurs with Caden

  16. Giving me my best friends

  17. A good mom hug from Christina Buth

  18. Working alongside the most dedicated advisors an organization wishes to have

  19. Helping to honor the legacy of Marshal Fisher with Marshal’s Statement

  20. The amount of people on our campus who are willing to make a change and do more

  21. Being able to work with the most passionate and loving individuals

  22. Meeting the greatest people who have become lifelong friends

  23. More birthday candles

  24. The chances it’s given me to grow as a leader and make an impact in my community

  25. Filling my heart with joy

  26. Giving me a purpose on campus

  27. Giving me a way to Do More and see the impact

  28. Giving me an incredible support system

  29. Showing the world that young people can make a difference

  1. Seeing more balloon stickers on hospital equipment

  2. Visits to Shands

  3. Allowing me to make an impact in my community

  4. Introducing me to the toughest children on this planet

  5. The feeling you get when you run through the Morale tunnel

  6. Making us all one big family.

  7. Giving us the opportunity to fight a never ending battle

  8. Marshal’s laugh

  9. Nate’s dance moves

  10. All of the Miracle Families with the strength to share their stories

  11. Giving life more meaning

  12. Teaching me the significance of every breath and moment

  13. Two words: Line. Dance.

  14. A movement that lasts lifetimes

  15. Giving our community a voice

  16. Providing us with fighting chances

  17. All the new friendships that form during that 40 hour event

  18. Showing me that I can do anything, including being on my feet for 20+ hours

  19. Giving me a support system and being the reason I stayed at FSU

  20. High School Dance Marathons giving us some of the fondest memories

  21. Giving us a reason to dance

  22. Giving me life long friends.

  23. Giving us a reason to smile.

  24. Making me realize how lucky I am.

  25. Sharing a common goal with like-minded individuals.

  26. Showing that I am never too young to make a difference

  27. Inspiring the next generation to join the movement so that one day, we dance in celebration

  28. Providing life saving equipment for the many children who walk through the doors of UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital

  29. Being able to fund more Child Life Specialists

  1. Showing how $1 truly makes all the difference when saving a life

  2. Connecting with other students from other universities who share one common goal—fighting for the kids!

  3. Sharing our passion for the cause with our local communities by our external events, canning days and share it nights

  4. Bringing more people into our movement through our shared experiences

  5. Giving my life purpose and meaning

  6. Giving me the opportunity to spread the word about pediatric cancer & encouraging donations

  7. My team who supports me as much as we support the kids

  8. Having the opportunity to make a difference

  9. Being united in one organization with students who make me the best version of myself

  10. All the happy tears each reveal brings

  11. Uniting FSU campus under one cause, For The Kids

  12. Always providing for the miracle children and their families

  1. Being a support system for the miracle families in times of hardship

  2. Celebrating good news with the miracle families

  3. Giving families more Thanksgivings together.

  4. Having the opportunity to hit the gong #HTG in honor of Marshal over 3,640 time

  5. Getting the chance to raise $2,152,382.19 For The Kids in 2018

Against all odds and despite adversity, Dance Marathon at FSU remains hopeful and, above all, thankful. This coming holiday season, we seek to revel in the promise of more miracles, more birthdays, and more reasons to give thanks.

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