Meet the External Team

Between executing non-Marathon events, managing publicity and technology, and securing business partners, there's not much this branch doesn't do; meet the powerhouses behind all things External.


What is your position in Dance Marathon 2019?

I have the distinct pleasure of serving as the External Director for Dance Marathon at FSU. In this position, I oversee the Partnership, Marketing and Publicity, Technology, and External Events teams to ensure that our cause is properly showcased to the external community. I have the opportunity to help those under the External Branch get the tools they need to succeed in their roles. What is your favorite DM memory?

My favorite DM memory is from Statement reveal this year. After 26.2 of the most magical hours watching participants pour their hearts into our largest out-of-event fundraising push, I stood alongside my fellow Executive Board members, Delegates, and top fundraisers to reveal how much we had raised. Nerves flooded me as I looked out into the crowd of dedicated individuals. In that moment, all I thought of was how blessed I was to be a part of such an impactful cause that rallied community members together for Marshal and all of our miracle kids. When we revealed that we had raised $364,815.46, so many emotions escaped me: shock, excitement, love, and so much more. Hugs were coming from everywhere around me and I welcomed them with open arms. The best moment was seeing Kristen Patterson, Powie's mom, Christina Buth, Caden's mom, and Betsy Fisher, Marshal's mom at the bottom of the stairs. Kristen and I made eye contact and ran to each other in the biggest bear hug, so big that I knocked her earring off. This is who we do it for. This is why we spend our college career planning the best Marathon yet. For these Miracle Families that I've gotten the biggest blessing of getting to know. They are so genuine and so special in so many ways. It's for them. Always.

What is your goal/what do you hope to gain from DM this year?

My goal for this year is to engage and connect with our Dancers in everything the External Branch does. Whether it be creating videos that they want to see or making events they would enjoy going to, I want to help facilitate this team with the resources they need to make the external members happy. Keeping the Dancers in mind as we continue this year will help lead the External Branch to new heights. Engaging new Dancers and reengaging past ones in our 'why' will be what makes this year the best one yet.

What do you think is the best way to engage the external community?

Dance Marathon at FSU is known for its engaging social media presence, exciting videos, fun events, and generous partners. But I think the biggest way an external member will feel connected to this cause is by stewarding them. Our Dancers and Fundraisers are key members in our Dance Marathon community. They deserve to be showered with love for making a difference in this world. External and Internal members alike should be lifting each other up and supporting each other. Whether you raise $300 or $3000 for this cause, this organization has been changed for the better because of you. Stewarding those fundraisers and constantly supporting them is the best way to engage them in our cause.


What is your position in Dance Marathon 2019?