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Classy Pages Make Their Debut at DMFSU

Dance Marathon at Florida State University has done everything but slow down since we revealed our record breaking $2.2 million total at the Marathon this past March. Since the Marathon, we have been working on building our newest internal team that has already started planning our 25th year. Our team is excited to provide all future dancers and fundraisers with all sorts of new fundraising incentives and initiatives throughout this upcoming year.

To kickstart Summer fundraising, we are encouraging all individuals to get involved by registering to our new fundraising portal, Classy! Your Classy page will be your go-to spot on all things DMFSU, and provides an easy way to track your progress along the way. If you missed our most recent social media posts, here are six simple steps to take to create your very own, individualized Classy page:

1. Head to

2. Click “Register to Fundraise”.

3. Select “Join a Team” or “Join as an Individual”.

4. Create your account using your FSU email or a personal email account.

5. Personalize your page.

6. Answer the provided questions.

Once you have completed the steps above you will be all set to begin fundraising for Dance Marathon 2020!

Many teams have already started creating their individualized pages, and some participants have even begun their Summer fundraising! We’d like to give a shout-out to three incredible teams who have gone above and beyond in their fundraising. Congratulations to the top three fundraising organizations: Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta and Delta Zeta! Your teams have set an amazing example and continue to pave the way to a successful 25th year for DM at FSU. This organization appreciates your hard work and dedication to the cause and we cannot wait to continue to see all your efforts in this upcoming year! To all other teams who have begun creating their Classy pages, we want to recognize your fundraising efforts as well as we prepare into launch some awesome Summer fundraising initiatives. Encourage your friends and peers to create their classy pages as DMFSU 2020 has officially begun!

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