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Miracle Week Recap

As we venture further into Dance Marathon at FSU’s 25th year, we continue to see our events and fundraising pushes grow in size and in success! Miracle Week took place last week, October 7th-October 10th, and brought a record-breaking number of participants. We had students and fundraisers from across the FSU and Tallahassee communities show up and show out for our many exciting events!

We kicked off the week with Child Health Day where DM at FSU took over Landis Green, located in the most centralized area of our campus, drawing the attention of a significant portion of our student body. Passersby were greeted by our amazing internal team members who were able to spread the word and impact Dance Marathon at FSU has on Shands Children’s Hospital and our local FSU College of Medicine. Students who registered to dance received a free t-shirt as a thank you for their support of those children who suffer from pediatric illness. On Tuesday, we continued the Miracle Week festivities with our Share it Night at Chuy’s! Supporters of DM at FSU filtered in and out of Chuy’s, participating in some FTKaraoke. Chuy’s has been a generous partner to our organization this year and last, greatly benefiting our miracle children on a local and state level. Being able to bond with one another as an organization, indulge in some Mexican food, and sing some tunes made for an exciting Tuesday night!

Wednesday night is when Miracle Week got a little competitive with DM Trivia! We headed to Coosh’s to test our knowledge on all things pop culture and Vine related. After splitting up into teams, the competition started to get heated as the night went on and the questions got progressively harder. This sense of teamwork was very apparent at Coosh’s as everyone worked together to become the champions of DM Trivia Night!

Last, but certainly not least, So You Think You Can Line Dance took place on Thursday night in FSU’s very own Moore Auditorium! Various groups took the stage to show off their best moves and finish Miracle Week off with a bang. This past week for Dance Marathon at FSU as a whole was extremely successful and all the participation from the Tallahassee community and student body helped benefit this impactful cause! We are so thankful for all the support and cannot wait for the rest of this year!

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